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8 Simple Tips On How to Wear Chelsea Boots

Like we’ve always said, the cold season is no reason not to look good and stylish. You can still keep warm and look stunning. We all go for boots during this season, ever tried the Chelsea boots? These boots are comfortable and keep you warm. If you’ve been wondering on what to wear with them, then here are a few ideas on how to wear Chelsea boots for women.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots In 8 Ways

1. Jeans and denim

The jeans and denim jacket have been the best combination from way back and pairing this outfit with the Chelsea boots is nothing less of simple and stylish. The boots compliment the outfit perfectly.

You could throw on a beanie hat not just for warmth but to also add some juice to the whole outfit.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Myspacelook

2. Skinny jeans and trench coat

Here is another great style on how to wear Chelsea boots. The trench coat is nothing but warm and trendy and pairing it with the latest and trending jeans like the skinny jeans takes the outfit a notch higher. But what will make the outfit stand out, is pairing it with the Chelsea boots.

Add a beanie hat, or a stylish scarf to accessorize this look. Also, ensure you have a statement bag to complete the outfit.

How to wear Chelsea boots


3. Jeans and gingham shirt

You could wear the checked shirt with a vest or even wrap it around your waist with a pair of nice black jeans. Be sure to spice up this look with a stunning pair of Chelsea boots.

You could have a baseball hat on or a beanie hat to compliment the look and a chic sling bag.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Wheredidyougetthat

4. Ragged jeans and leather jacket

The leather jacket and ragged jeans make the perfect outfit combination and adding a nice pair of Chelsea boots only make it even better. This look is simple for a laid back chilly weekend with your friends.

You can accessorize this look with a baseball hat and a stylish sling bag to compliment it.

How to wear Chelsea boots


5. Short dress and tights or leggings

On chilly days, add on a pair of tights with your short dress to stay warm and a pair of Chelsea boots to stay even warmer and fashionable. This is a chic look for a hang out weekend with your friends.

You could have a bomber jacket, leather or college jacket to top it up. Be wary of the colors this look works best with dull colors and a single bright color. Now, you’ve got a new way on how to wear Chelsea boots.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Chictopia

6. Sweatpants and casual t-shirt

Are you looking up to go to the library over the weekend or catch up with your study group or a book club, then this is the look for you. It’s absolutely comfortable and allows you to concentrate on your reading.

You can add a stylish trench coat, a beanie hat and a scarf to complete the look and of course keep warm.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Lookastic

7. Sweater and jeans

Looking to go for a movie in the evening with your friends? Then grab a sweater and your favorite pair of jeans with some Chelsea boots, and you are good to go.

The look is simple, casual and absolutely warm and fuzzy. You could have a nice scarf on or a hat just to style it up a little more.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Womenitems

8. Skirt

You probably didn’t think you could wear your Chelsea boots with a skirt, did you? Well, it works best with short skirts and allows you to show off your legs.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Source: Lookbook

The look on how to wear Chelsea boots is simple, and you could pair the skirt with a simple top for a casual weekend over at a friend’s place, the movies or even for brunch. You could also accessorize to keep it edgy and stylish.


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