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How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Do you know what an infinity scarf is? It’s simply a scarf that is connected at the ends, hence continuously going, which in turn makes it an infinity scarf! Not only can it give that outfit the extra flare it’s missing, but it can also be a conversation piece. Now that it’s clear what an infinity scarf is, do you know how to wear an infinity scarf? Let’s tell you the ways!

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

1. The Basic Loop

This is just putting the scarf around your neck one time. This method is recommended if the scarf is naturally a thicker material unless you like that “flow in the wind” look. Or if the material is very delicate and sheer, it can even be formal or informal. It all depends on the material of the infinity scarf.


2. The Double Loop

How to wear an infinity scarf in the double loop is accomplished by simply putting the scarf around your neck once, then cross the scarf once in front of you (creating the number eight), and put the bottom of the scarf behind your neck (making sure the crossed part is still in front of you). This look is classic and timeless, and goes well with any printed infinity scarf!


3. The Head Wrap

Not having such a great hair day? How to wear an infinity scarf as a head wrap is essentially the double loop, but instead drape it over your head (and let the excess scarf fall behind your head). This is a great way if your hair is not working the way you imagined and want to look wonderful.


4. Sleeveless Cardigan/Vest

As you can tell, there are various ways to wear an infinity scarf and the list is endless. The infinity scarf is so versatile that you can even wear it as clothing. Hold one end of the infinity scarf in each hand, and then place if around your neck. At this point, it should just be draping. Now, find a belt, and tie it around your stomach (closer to your bust line rather than your hips) and the scarf. Adjust your scarf and the belt to what’s comfortable and you’re ready to go.


Wearing an infinity scarf is stylish and chic. Learning how to wear an infinity scarf is one of the ideal measures any fashionista can have. Also, having the knowledge of how to wear an infinity scarf can also be a saving grace to any outfit. Now that you know how to wear an infinity scarf, you can teach others how to wear an infinity scarf too!


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