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How to Wear a Sun Hat – Six Cute Tips

Sun hats for women have become a very fancy trend and I personally think they should be every woman’s must have. They are perfect for the weekends, weddings or even to hang around the pool. Floppy sun hats are flexible and if you know how to wear a sun hat, they can literally go with any outfit.  It is also important to note that sun hats and especially the floppy hats can be worn by women of any age, unlike other fashion accessories.

                       6 Cute Tips on How to Wear a Sun Hat

types of summer hats for women

1. Avoid being monochromatic

While matching up your outfit, avoid restricting it to black and white only. Get a neutral color like beige or even brown. You could match a black floppy hat with a black dress, a brown pair of wedges or flats, whichever you prefer.

2. Consider the texture

A wool felt round crown floppy hat is unique and of perfect texture. This packable sun hat works perfectly with a button-down chiffon or normal shirt or a V-necked dress with a strappy pair of sandals.

3. Colored hats

Having yourself a colored hat is one of the best favors you could do to yourself. Colored sun hats are great when you want to brighten up your outfit or kill your outfit’s monochromatic look and work perfectly during a wedding, at the beach or by the pool. They bring out a sophisticated look and definitely shows your sense of style. Dare to go colored and you will not regret it.

4. Try different women’s sun hat styles

There are so many different styles of the sun hats that you could choose from. Therefore, try them out and figure out which style you like or which works better for you and settle for it. You will only wear it confidently if you love it.

How to Wear a Sun Hat How to Wear a Sun Hat How to Wear a Sun Hat How to Wear a Sun Hat

5. Choose your outfit wisely

As much as floppy hats can go with literally anything, do not pair it up with official outfits. Works best with casual and beach outfits. Pair your sun day hat with a sundress (short or maxi), a floaty beach cover up, a pair of shorts and a slouchy top and for the shoes, sandals or heel sandals look perfect!


6. Customize your hat

If you end up with a plain sun hat, you can work around it to suit your personal style by adding different ribbons or even flowers every time you have it on. Customizing offers you varied ways on how to wear a sun hat.

There are different types of sun hats for women and you can choose and option and color that complements you existing outfits. No matter your case, be sure to pair your hat well to bring out the look you want. Learning a few tips on how to wear sun hats should be quite helpful.


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