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5 Ways on How to Wear a Scarf for Women

Scarf tying ideas for women offer a way to update women’s fashion. Scarves add texture to the monochromatic wardrobe fashion for women. They are economical and versatile accessories; they are the leading trend in stylish apparel. When looking for ways on how to wear a scarf for women, consider having a diverse scarf collection; they are year-round accessories of latest fashion trends. And you can pull cute scarf looks effortlessly.

Ways on How to Wear a Scarf for Women

1. Cape Wrap

  1. Open the square scarf
  2. Fold the scarf so that the ends meet and form a triangle.
  3. Place the triangle over your shoulders.
  4. Make certain that the longest ends of the scarf are at the top of your back. Make a square knot with the two ends in front.

How to Wear a Scarf for Women

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2. French-Knot

1. Loosely fold the scarf into a two-inch wide rectangle shape.
2. Place the folded scarf over the front of the neck; the ends should evenly hang down your back.
3. Cross the ends of your scarf over each other and bring them over your shoulders to the front.
4. Make sure the loop is comfortable around your neck.
5. Tie a loose knot, then tie a second-knot tighter than the first knot.

How to Wear a Scarf for Women

3. Tie a Scarf As a Vest

This is the simplest way on how to tie a scarf. Check these steps:

1. Hold the scarf lengthwise
2. Fold it in half
3. Tie the top two corners together
4. Tie the top center to the two corners

How to Wear a Scarf for Women

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4. Your Scarf Is the Center of Attention

1. Lay your trendy, long scarf on your shoulders
2. Don’t wrap it around your neck
3. Let it hang freely in front of you
4. Finish your fashionable ensemble with a cute, skinny belt
5. The scarf should end right above your knee

How to Wear a Scarf for Women

5. A Turban

  1. Pull your hair back and pin or tie it in a bun
  2. You will need a scarf two and one-half feet long
  3.  Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and lay it on top of your head, with the folded part over your forehead.
  4.  The sides should hang down in front of your shoulders
  5.  Grab each side where it is level with your earlobes and twist them to keep the turban firmly on your head.
  6.  Slide both hands down these twisted pieces, about ten inches; pull them behind your head and overlap the two pieces
  7.  Bring each end forward over the top of each ear and cross these parts of your scarf over your forehead, wrapping them toward the back of your head. Take your time to make sure the height of your tied turban looks smooth and neat
  8.  Tie the scarf pieces like a shoelace, and then tuck the remaining portion under the base of your turban. You have learned how to style a scarf turban

How to Wear a Scarf for Women

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Hairstyles for women compliment stylish scarf styling ideas if correctly worn. Anyone can learn how to wear a scarf for women that reflects their own individuality.

Have fun experimenting how to tie a scarf with flair to give your look a new touch of style.


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