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Why You should Use Olive Oil For Hair to Improve Your Look?

Olive oil for hairIn the souk, there are literally tons of so-called safe products available for helping you to regrow your lost hair. The fact remains that most of these products are nothing more than simply snake oils, which hold minimum positive effect on your hair/scalp. On the other hand, you can always rest your hopes on the olive oil for hair, which if used in the right way, can indeed go a long way in increasing the volume of curls on your head. However, a majority of individuals seems to be at a fix as to whether the same really works, and if “Yes” then how?

Loaded with nutrients

Though the beneficial properties of olive oil seem to be simple yet they indeed have proven to be a lot effective. If you look upon the same as a food product, you will get heartened in realizing that it contains a significant level of monounsaturated fatty acids. In fact, studies conducted have revealed the fact that it helps in promoting good cholesterol and lessening the amount of bad cholesterol. Also, since the olive oil for hair remains loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, stands as one of the reasons as to why; most believe that it protects individuals against cancer.

Improves the overall health

If you consider olive oil as a skin and beauty product, you will be motivated to learn about the immense nourishing properties it necessarily holds. Since it is basically a natural product, it can indeed play a significant part in repairing the undesirable damages, which are necessarily caused as a result of the chemical based products. The olive oil for hair improves the condition of your curls by three main ways:

  • Split ends– It is during winter that tresses begin to get dried out and become prone to breakage. Thus, this ultimately leads to unruly and fizzy hair. Through the application of the oil, a bit of moisture and weight is added and your curls become more manageable and pliable.
  • Shine– It is primarily by means of restoring the lost moisture that it is possible to impart a natural healthy shine to your tresses. Few individuals are aware of the verity that the regular care products available for sale contain sulfates and as a result of which strips moisture from your hair ultimately leaving it unhealthy and drab.
  • Dandruff– Remember, a dry scalp is considered to be the breeding house of dandruff. It is by means of massaging the olive oil for hair that it would be possible to infuse moisture into your scalp. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which it necessarily possesses are the reason that it is looked upon as an automatic choice for ensuring the apt treatment of dandruff and lice.

Commercial shampoo

What most individuals fail to realize is that commercial shampoo contains a considerable amount of chemical additives. The preservatives are such that you will find it difficult to pronounce the names properly. The sole purpose behind this is to help the shampoo sustain a longer period. Also, the other reason behind their presence is to eliminate dust and dirt from your scalp. The con associated with such products is that the additives included go against the hair cycle and causes significant harm to the healthy cells. The elements, which does not get destroyed, remains as a form of residue.

As a result of the left over residue, loss and clogging of your hair necessarily occurs. This is the reason that you need to consider using the olive oil for hair so as to be able to get rid of all trapped debris in your scalp. For achieving the best results, you are supposed to take a teaspoon of the same, massage it and leave overnight. On the next day, you need to rinse with the help of a cleanser or a mild shampoo. Continuing this for a period of one week can help you get on to the road of success.

After continuing the treatment for a few weeks, you should be able to notice the notable difference. By resting your hopes on the olive oil for hair, there is hardly any need to waste your hard-earned money on poor quality products, which hardly offer you with any benefits. However, bear in mind the fact that the results shall exhibit variation depending upon the individual situation.


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