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How To Style Your African Kitenge Styles and Designs

The Kitenge fabric, or Chitenge as it’s also called, is loved by fashion conscious women throughout the world due to its flexibility and elegance in being morphed into various lovely fashionable African kitenge designs. There are best kitenge styles for ladies that can help bring out an alluring and flattering fashion for ladies. If you own African kitenge dresses and feel like you want to upgrade or style up the appearance, there are a few hacks on how to style your African kitenge fashion that you can have up your sleeve to bring out that chic look.

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                       Ways on How to Style Your African Kitenge


1. The Leather Jacket

Mix matching the leather jacket with your African kitenge dresses brings out the much-needed edge and contrast in the elements in your outfit. Leather jackets bring the attitude and sexiness of rebellion and mixing this with a beautiful Kitenge dress makes the whole good girl gone chic perspective in your style stand out from a mile away.

How To Style Your African KitengeHow To Style Your African Kitenge

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2. The Denim Jacket or Shirt

This should come handy when attempting to pull out the wild, but mild girl look. Denim with kitenge is a usually a lovely way to bring out the elegance and nuance that makes you look stylish, unique and like you really took your time in establishing the whole pattern. Denim also has a beautiful way of integrating the elements in your African kitenge dress designs into the symmetry of cool and sophisticated at the same time. If you intend on an easy-going look, you can tie the shirt or jacket around the waist to create that flow of rhythmic ease.

How To Style Your African Kitenge

How To Style Your African Kitenge

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3. Belts

Depending on your taste, belts come in large, bright or dark colored pieces or small to complete your African kitenge dress designs. Belts are the hold, literally, of the whole dress if you choose to add one as a part of your kitenge style. A good belt accentuates your features and brings a harmonious and balanced look into your African kitenge dresses. The minor rule, of course, is to keep it simple and complimentary, for example, a yellow belt complements a dark dress and vice versa if you’re intending on a bold look. If, however, you are going for a laid-back one then you can make the color scheme of your kitenge dress style go with the belt or better yet, have the belt made of the same material as the dress.

How To Style Your African Kitenge

How To Style Your African Kitenge

4. Fabric Necklaces

They are new trends in the whole Kitenge/Ankara fashion scene that offers different African kitenge designs. Their exquisite finishes and varying simple design brings the whole dress into a whole new light and helps you learn how to style your African kitenge. Fabric necklaces usually come in pieces of more than two in a set creating that illusion of sophistication and clarity into your kitenge style outfits.

How To Style Your African Kitenge8

How To Style Your African Kitenge

5. Scarves

If you have a scarf, it might be the Midas touch that brings your African kitenge dress designs into fashion gold. Scarves are multipurpose and versatile when it comes to creating a fashionable and warm look. If you know how to wear kitenge dress designs, you can use a contrasting color scheme to use as a head gear or one that matches the African kitenge fashion. A matching color scarf is a traditional way of having a headpiece, but a different color brings out edgier African kitenge designs. A Kitenge scarf also adds a chic touch to your outfit to create a stunning women’s fashion.

How To Style Your African KitengeHow To Style Your African Kitenge

With these tips on how to style your African Kitenge fashion, you certainly have the right options and combinations. Pick your African print clothing carefully for a perfect statement.


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