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How To Style a Skater Skirt – 4 Cute Ways

Skater skirts stormed into the fashion scene, and it looks like they are here to stay. By now, everyone must be familiar with skater skirts. If not, then a skater skirt is well fitted at the waist and flares out into an A-line shape. But they are not designed equally, as there are various variations to wear. There are three distinct styles that are quite similar, with a notable difference between them. However, picking skater skirt outfits can be a little complicated; but not anymore as we have got some ideas on how to style a skater skirt for you.

                             4 Ways on How to Style a Skater Skirt

How to style a skater skirt

1. Crop top

The crop top looks perfect once paired with a skater skirt and this look is simply the best during the summer season. You can easily get a crop that’s well fitting as the skirt is flared at the bottom. This is one of the best chic look on how to style a skater skirt that you can pull off with a statement neck piece. To complete this look, you could add a hat and a nice pair of shoes whether heels, rubbers, sandals, sneakers, converse or walker boots. Anything goes for this sophisticated look.

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2. Layer up

The skater skirt is one flexible attire that can be styled to bring out any desirable look. Pair the skirt with a crop top then add on a long cardigan/coat or jacket. This look is suitable for the chilly days; look fly and keep warm at the same time. You could also have a beanie hat on to keep warm. For a complete look, you could wear a pair of sneakers, heels, flats and converse or walker boots.

How To Style a Skater Skirt

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3. Stripped Top

The stripped top only passes if the skater skirt is a solid color without patterns and florals. You could choose to wear a short or long sleeve shirt with a skater skirt, depends on what you like. The stripped shirt or t-shirt brings out and edgy look from the skirt’s solid color. A pair of heels would work best or if you are having a day full of errands you could choose some more comfortable shoes, considering the skater skirt is quite flexible.

How To Style a Skater Skirt


4. Denim shirt

Denim shirts are usually masterpieces and offer one of the cutest ways on how to style a skater skirt for perfection. Get a nice denim shirt and get to tuck it in of the skater skirt. Add on a statement neck piece and a shoe of your choice. This look is simple and sophisticated.



These are just some of the ways on how to style a skater skirt. You could also learn how to wear a skater dress if you have some in your wardrobe. Still, there are many ways to wear your skater skirt that you can experiment and see what’s cute.


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