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How to Start a Fashion Blog in Kenya

You are that kind of person who stuns others with your incredible fashion advice and tips. Additionally, your personal style seems to stir attention wherever you go. From the look of things, the girls next door don’t show any intent to stop admiring your sense of fashion any time soon. You are always on the lookout for new designer styles, and you are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Friends find you the best helper when it comes to refurbishing their closets and shopping. Your footwear, makeup, and accessories have always been intriguing and trendy. Why not learn how to start a fashion blog? Ooops. Or maybe, you are looking to start a fashion blog but what you know is not quite enough for a head start.

                   Steps on How to Start a Fashion Blog in Kenya

How to Start a Fashion Blog in Kenya

1. Determine your area of interest

You can opt to focus on a particular fashion topic, such as hair, makeup, shopping, footwear or clothing. Choosing a single niche is essential in learning how to start a successful fashion blog. Starting a blog that covers all these topics is also a good idea. Many fashion bloggers in Kenya choose to start a general blog and do quite well. Identify your best areas and try to learn additional information about the topics. Many aspiring Kenyan fashion bloggers always start with fresh energy and motivation only to run out of ideas along the way. So, pick the best starting point and learn more tips on how to start a fashion blog in Kenya.

2. Get a domain & hosting

Getting a domain is an essential step on how to start a fashion blog. Your domain can be your name or anything of choice as long as it depicts fashion. You can buy your domain from,, or Local options available in Kenya include, and  Do not choose Blogger or Tumblr for your blog. Go with WordPress as it offers you many tools and plugins to make your work easier and hassle-free. You don’t need to be a web designer to install WordPress CMS. Choose a theme that best compliments fashion.

3. Find out why you are different

Your blog is now live, and you are eager to start publishing posts. Well, you may want to ask yourself what makes you different. In addition, you need to approach established fashion bloggers in Kenya for tips on how to be a fashion blogger. There are many fashion bloggers in Kenya with different approaches on how to start a fashion blog, and they are doing pretty well. So, what will make visitors prefer your blog to other bloggers’ blogs? You are not just going to start posting pieces and upload pictures to a desperate blog. You need to give visitors a reason for visiting your blog. Try to do something different and so unique or you risk getting lost in the noise. This is one of the most essential tips on how to be a fashion blogger in Kenya that many people overlook. Lucky you. You now know!!

4. Publish more informative content

Fashion blogging is not all about uploading hundreds of photos to your blog. This is something that many aspiring fashion bloggers in Kenya get wrong. Photos are good, but written content is even better and an essential part in how to start a fashion blog. You will need to create an editorial calendar and plan accordingly to ensure that your blog is always fresh with new and interesting posts. Come up with your own unique ideas. Simple yet common ideas can be so powerful and will attract many readers to your blog. Try to share new ideas and tips that can benefit your readers. Writing is hard, but with time you will be doing just fine.

5. Network, network and never get tired

Here is the sweetest part on how to start a fashion blog in Kenya. You get to engage and interact with other bloggers and your readers. Is it not great? Yeah, it is. This also allows you to pick an idea or two while getting feedback from readers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the social media platforms that you should utilize to their maximum potential. Make friends. Many of them. Reach out to other Kenyan fashion bloggers and learn a few points from them. Always be active and respond to comments from readers. Never get tired of networking!!

Starting a fashion blog is not an easy task neither is it a daunting experience. It all depends on you and how far you are willing to go. With these steps on how to start a fashion blog in Kenya, you have a surefire way to skyrocket your blog.

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    Couldn’t agree less with you. With little information out there for bloggers to rely on, blogging will never cease to appear a rocket science affair. But thanks to our platforms; now beginners and even blogging gurus can find relevant and workable tips to spearhead their blogs to another level. We appreciate your effort and contribution to the fashion society

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