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How to Remove Your Makeup Naturally and Easily

Makeup removal is important in enhancing a person’s beauty and maintaining a healthy skin. For this reason, it is critical to know how to get makeup off naturally. Taking off makeup as soon as a person is done with it is imperative. Mostly, makeup removal should be performed during the night before a person goes to sleep. Doing it efficiently ensures that the skin does not have any breakouts. There are several natural ways on how to remove your makeup without makeup remover.

How to remove your makeup - How to get makeup off

How to Remove Your Makeup Naturally

1. Baby Oil Makeup Remover

Baby oil is immensely effective in getting makeup and mascara off. Mascara is among the toughest makeup to remove from the face. Nevertheless, with baby oil removing mascara is remarkably simple. Pour the baby oil on a cotton ball and use it to take off your makeup. A wet washcloth is then used to wash off the oil residues left behind after using the cotton ball.

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2. Honey and Baking Soda

The two works great when you want to get makeup off. Put a little amount of organic honey on a washcloth. Then sprinkle it with a little amount of baking soda. Then wipe off the makeup gently with the washcloth. It removes the makeup effectively leaving the skin clean and healthy, making it the best way to take off makeup.

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3. Vaseline

Vaseline is an excellent remedy when searching for natural ways on how to remove your makeup without makeup remover. It should be used to remove makeup from the eyes only. However, a user must be cautious when using Vaseline as it very thick. If not well used, it can clog the skin pores with ease. After using it to remove makeup, a person should wash the face thoroughly with a cleanser.

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4. Olive Oil

It is the best natural makeup remover for dry skin. Olive oil has numerous healing properties for the skin. It also contains numerous skin softening agents. If you are wondering on how to remove your makeup without makeup remover and treat your skin at the same time, olive oil is the best remedy. Olive oil can be obtained easily from the local beauty stores at favorable prices.

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There are several best ways to take off makeup and natural options are usually safe. Some people opt to wear less makeup to make removal easy. Use these makeup removal tips and products carefully and be sure to get makeup off easily than you thought!!


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