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How to Organize Your Makeup Bag

Searching for eyeliner or a tube of lipstick can be annoying when you are getting ready to leave your home.But learning how to organize your makeup bag can make getting ready to leave much easier as your favorite cosmetics will be readily available. These simple steps will help you achieve this goal and make getting ready to go out much easier.

                    Hacks on How to Organize Your Makeup Bag

How to organize makeup bag


1. Determine Your Cosmetic Usage

Separate your cosmetic products by how often they are used. This practice can help you determine what to take in your purse and keep in your daily “at home” kit. Products that are used less often can be stored in a separate area.

2. Select the Proper Bag

It would be best to select a bag that can be easily cleaned in the event of a spill. A plastic type material can also contain any sort of spillage inside the bag. Bags that are square or rectangular allow the most efficient use of space. You may choose to have a bag with a number of compartments that can be of great help as you learn how to organize your makeup bag.

One factor to consider when choosing a makeup bag is size. Ensure the bag you select fits all of your cosmetic products and will completely close when filled.

3. Product Container Size

An important step in learning how to organize your makeup bag is to purchase products that will fit into both your at home and purse bags. You may purchase different sizes of your favorite products to have at home and to take with you. Look for travel sizes of your favorite brands to save space in your bag.

4. Keep it Clean

One aspect of learning how to organize your makeup bag is to practice good cleaning habits. Periodically empty your bag completely and thoroughly clean it inside and out. Ensure all products are fresh and there is no contamination. Update products about four times a year.

5. Cleaning Tools

As you learn how to organize your makeup bag, remember to include items to keep it clean such as disposable makeup remover wipes. Use zip-lock bags to hold items with a greater chance of spilling. Zip-lock bags can also be used to keep brushes separated accordingly to use.

As you use your makeup products each day, double check to ensure all lids and caps are properly tightened.

By following these suggestions on how to organize your makeup bag, you will save time by having everything you may need readily available. And you will look fantastic in no time.


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