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How to Maintain Braids While Keeping Your Hair Healthy

With the growing popularity of hair extensions, braid extensions have also become more accessible to practically anybody who prefers them. Hair extensions exhibit the versatility of present-day hairstyling which is far from how it was practiced just a few decades back. Knowing how to maintain braids will help to keep your extensions looking great.

how to maintain braids


These days, extensions are not just mere hair style trends but have turned out to be one of the most helpful ways women, and even men can exercise the spontaneity of modern beauty.

How to Maintain Braids to Improve Their Lifespan

1. Observe braid extension care instructions carefully

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that different hair extensions require different approaches to care. Hair extensions come in one of two types — human hair and synthetic hair.  For braid extensions, human hair will not just leave you with a more natural look and feel but also tend to better uphold your hairstyle longer.

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2.Wrap your hair in satin or silk scarf at night

One of the easiest and yet easily forgotten tips to keep braided hair extensions well-kept and in place is by sleeping with a satin or silk scarf wrapped around the braids.  Doing so prevents your braids from creating friction with your pillow and your locks eventually showing frizz.

3. Touch up every three weeks

Midway through the lifespan of your braid extension, make sure to touch up.  This step helps your scalp and roots wear your braid extensions with ease.  Get it done professionally so that your natural hair stay moisturized; your braid stays fresh, and your scalp does not end up with bald spots. This is an important part on how to maintain braids for a lasting look.

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4. Use wet shampoo

Every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the oiliness of your scalp, the weather and how sweaty you get, you should wet and shampoo your hair. Use a soft-bristled brush to wash your roots.  Dilute shampoo with water and let it run down your braids. It’s best for you to use sulfate-free shampoo so that your product does not leave residue on your hair and scalp which can cause dandruff. Rinse.

 5. Alternate wet shampooing with dry shampooing

In between, use dry shampoo.  It not only helps clarify your hair and scalp but also helps keep your strands healthy and revitalized.  First, spray your dry shampoo as close to your scalp as possible then, spray your hair strands all the way to the tips.  Follow through with dry conditioning.

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 6. Skip wet conditioning

Use oil instead. Studies have shown that essential oils have natural antibacterial properties that help fight fungal build up on your scalp.  These oils also have molecular structures that complement your scalp, allowing these to penetrate your scalp easily and moisturize from deep within deeply.

7. Use leave-on conditioner

Once or twice weekly, use a leave-on conditioner to keep your braids soft and silky.  Alternate this routine with your choice of essential oil.  Make sure not to use a leave-on conditioner that has too much of an overpowering smell so you can maintain the clean, fresh scent of your braids weeks after.

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 8. Carry a revitalizing hairspray made of coconut oil and water

Make your concoction using essential oils.  Coconut oil has been proven many times over to be beneficial to hair and scalp health.  A 2003 study published in the Journal of Cosmetological Science in 2003 showed the superior hair protective qualities of coconut oil over either mineral oil or sunflower oil.

9No need to style further

Your braids are already one of the hottest hairstyle trends these days.  Refrain from tying it up in a bun.  Doing so adds more stress to your roots and cuticles.  When you can’t help but pull back your braid extensions, avoid tying it up too tightly.

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10. Never leave on your braids for more than eight weeks

Your braids are making your life so much easier, alright. It lets you afford to sleep in longer, spend less to zero time fixing your hair, and always get that, “I woke up this way” look regardless of the weather. However, wearing your braid extensions longer than this recommended time-frame can cause your hair and scalp to become permanently damaged and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Extensions were, at some point, one of the biggest secrets of the stars. They jumped from short to wavy curls just weeks apart and enjoyed how the rest of us were left in awe, and wondered, “How did they do that?” By following these tips on how to maintain braids, now you can wear yours with pride and confidence too.


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