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Use These Tips to Improve Your Skin Tone

One of the greatest struggles we face from adolescence into adulthood is taking care of our skin. Even for the luckiest of us, learning how to improve your skin tone is no easy task. With a variety of skin types and causes for dermal distress, the care and keeping of your skin is a full-time balancing act. Despite the frustration that both fully matured and pubescent skin can cause, there are several things that can be done to help prevent the causes of dry skin and other issues.

How to improve skin tone

How To Improve Your Skin Tone

1. Watch Your Diet

First and foremost, it is important to watch your diet. That doesn’t mean that you should cut out everything negative, but cutting back on certain foods may make a difference in the way your skin behaves. Limiting your intake on soda and candy is a step in the right direction. The sugars in these products can throw off some of the elements in your body, causing your skin to have more trouble rejuvenating itself, which is a roadblock on the way to learning to improve your skin tone. You should also be careful with acidic fruits – though they are not innately bad for you, too much acidity can also throw off your body’s natural processes. The good news is there are also foods that can help your skin. Namely fish and nuts – omega 3’s and other oils from these help produce clear, healthy skin and allow your cells to replenish at their needed rate.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Just as important as your diet is your water intake. Though recent studies have shown that there is an amount of water consumption that you should not surpass, most humans still drink far less than their recommended daily amount. Being thirsty is actually a sign that you are slightly dehydrated – try to remember to hydrate even if you are not craving water. If you want to improve your skin tone and have a healthy appearance, hydrating your body is an essential step.

3. Get Plenty of Exercises

While we’re talking about being healthy, don’t forget to exercise! If you find yourself short on time, a quick run around the block or bike ride down the street and back is better than nothing. Be sure to give your body rest days, but don’t forget to keep up on your regimen! Sweating helps rid pores of unwanted blockages, and staying fit will assist you in your overall health, which – yes, you guessed it – will show on your face and help you improve your skin tone.

4. Keep Your Things Clean

In addition to the care and maintaining of your body, there is a matter of cleanliness. Acne and dirt buildup come from unexpected places that we rarely think about – for example, our pillowcases. Be sure to wash your pillowcases every two weeks. Additionally, make sure to frequently wipe off your cell phone and clean your makeup brushes – both are perfect places for buildup. It’s not easy to improve your skin tone when you’re brushing oil onto it every day!

5. Think About Makeup

Try to use less concealer, and if at all possible, less foundation. For those that want to improve their skin tone, foundation and concealer seem like a simple quick fix. Unfortunately, you are doing more harm than good. Not only does most concealer clog your pores, but washing it away at the end of the day also washes away essential oils that your face needs to stay hydrated.

6. So, When You Do Wear Makeup

Make absolutely certain to hydrate your face after every time you wash it, and do your best not to wash your face more than once a day. Excessive use of makeup and excessive washing of your face dries out your skin and creates flaky patches, making it more difficult to improve your skin tone or mask imperfections.

Finally, use common sense in the care of your body. Make sure to put on sunscreen even if you’re already tan, attempt to keep your stress in check, and try to get a full night’s sleep whenever possible. If you want to reach your goal and improve your skin tone, you must first improve your health, in addition to using best skin care tips! Remember, beauty always comes from within – literally!!


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