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How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron Easily

Short hairstyles for women have become a common trend. A few hair curling tips to add curls to short black hair makes it more interesting and easy to style. Today I shall show you how to curl short hair with a flat iron. You will need a couple of bobby pins, hair spray (preferably an anti-freeze), a blow dryer and a flat curling iron.

how to curl short hair

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron

1. Wash and Dry Your Hair

You first wash your hair and dry it using a blow dryer. Ensure that the hair is fairly straight by using a blow dryer or flat iron. Bouncy curls can be achieved by used of a flat iron. Protect your hair from heat damage from flat irons by applying hairspray in moderation. You may choose to apply a good styling gel to ensure the curls stay put but not much.

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2. Comb and Separate Your Hair into Sections

The next step on how to curl short hair is to use a comb to separate your hair into sections, making it easy to curl. Separate the hair from bottom layer to top layer. Start working from the bottom. Set the sections with bobby pins so that hair does not fall back while curling. Choosing the size of the flat iron depends on what size of curls you desire. Large hair curling irons tend to produce large curls which are a bit loose for short hair. The best irons to use are the thinner ones because they set thinner curls that are good for short hair. You see how to curl medium hair is easy, right?

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3. Curl the Hair Now

The next process on how to curl short hair is using the flat iron. While curling, hold the iron away from your face to avoid any heat injuries. Hold the curling iron on your hair for at least five to ten seconds. Do not hold it for too long or you will end up burning your hair. If you wish to be creative, you can alternate the direction of your curls between sections. Your curls will end up not looking uniform and monotonous.

A good tip on how to curl very short hair with a flat iron is to avoid curling the ends. You want your ends to be straight for a better look. You can straighten using the hair curling iron itself for a few seconds. For a good finishing look, insert your fingers within your hair gently and pull the curls up slowly. This will give your hair more volume. Apply your hair sprays especially one that acts as an anti-freeze.

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My favorite tip on curling short layered hair is you do not have to perfect your curls. Have fun and let the curling iron be your friend, and that’s how to curl short hair with a flat iron.


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