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Tips on How to Choose Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are a woman’s best friend. Accessories are everything else except your clothes; they include your bag, scarves, shoes, watches, hats, scarves, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, and sunglasses. They are add-ons to an outfit. Fashion accessories can either out the best in an outfit or cause mayhem to your personal look. It is, therefore, important to know how to choose fashion accessories, especially when you want to brighten up a dull outfit and bring out a classy look.

Seven Tips on How to Choose Fashion Accessories

How to Choose Fashion Accessories

1) Complementary colors

It is important to pick out a fashion accessories list according to the color of your complexion and your outfit. Loud colors can be fun and make your outfit even more lively. You should take caution though when it comes to matching your accessories with your outfit. As tempting as it is avoid being too matchy. Throwing in some unexpected beauty accessories makes an outfit pop and even more, it shows your creativity. Try to combine colors that don’t clash but instead those that complement each other. Your accessories will look even better if they complement your complexion.

2) Get the right size

Knowing how to choose fashion accessories according to your stature is very important. For a small body, get small sized accessories otherwise you might end up looking weird and for a bigger stature get bigger accessories. A plus size woman cannot accessorize with a small belt size because it will make her look even bigger. The same applies to bags, a small statured person with a big bag and a plus size with a small cross-body bag is an automatic fail!

3) Balance the pieces

Less is more when it comes to accessorizing. It is easy to get carried away and choosing all the fashion accessories you own and piling them up. It is, therefore, important to pay close consideration to the statement you want to get across with your styling accessories. A combination of a chunky earrings, neck piece, watch, sunglasses, scarf and even bracelet will make you look confused and too much. The size of the fashion jewelry is one of key factors in learning how to choose fashion accessories. Keep the size of your different accessories in mind when you decide what to wear together. Have one statement piece and let the rest of the beauty accessories be silent to allow the statement piece get the attention.

4) Get the right style

Accessories are the best way for you to define your style and personality. Knowing your signature style is important as it will help you to pick fashion accessories carefully and also help in balancing them.

5) Occasion

The occasion dictates on what beauty accessories to settle for. Is it a wedding, burial, office party or a night out? All these occasions have accessories best suited for them. It is, therefore, important to be careful and articulate when considering the occasion for your fashion accessory options. There are also so many bloggers that offer tips on how to choose fashion accessories that can be quite helpful.

 6) Age consideration

Your age dictates a lot on your life including your clothes, hang out joint and yes! Even on your accessories. It’s very much okay for a young teenage girl to get busy with heavy and chunky accessories but as a respectable young lady or woman what do such fashion accessories say about you? It is vital for everyone to act their age and take care of their image. You want to be respected and given the attention you want? Then take a seat and choose your accessories wisely but that doesn’t mean your accessories should be dull! Get fun and creative while at it. No matter your age, ensure that you still maintain the diva in you.

 7) Enhance your features

Learning how to choose fashion accessories gives you an opportunity to enhance your face and body. Carefully picked out accessories tend to enhance your curves, your eyes, and even make your neck look slender. Get to know your greatest features and your flaws and learn to enhance your beautiful features with beauty accessories while still giving your flaws the least or no attention at all.


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