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Awesome Tips on How to Choose a Necklace

In fashion, it’s those little touches, such as choosing the right necklace, that can really take even the most boring outfit to the next level. While necklaces can make bold, interesting and even dramatic fashion statements, they can also be overkill if you don’t know how to choose a necklace. Accessorizing outfits with a stunning piece of custom jewelry is not something new; savvy, style conscious women the world over have been doing it since the dawn of time. Learning the rules on how to accessorize your outfits by choosing the right necklace is a really clever way to take just about any outfit, style it up and bring out the best features in your wardrobe and your unique personal style at the same time.

                          6 Tips On How to Choose a Necklace

Awesome Tips on How to Choose a Necklace

1: Length of Necklace Depends on Body Type

For many women, one of the biggest dilemma’s they have when choosing the right necklace, is knowing what length of necklace with compliment their body type. The right necklace length can make or break an outfit.

A necklace can be used to enhance or distract one’s features and learning how to choose a necklace length for your body type will help you accentuate your best features. The main point to remember is that people’s eyes naturally stop at the point your necklace ends. So if you don’t want that point of your body being the focus of attention, then it’s best to avoid having your necklace stop at that position. Pendant necklaces for ladies will normally suit everybody type. Chokers are best worn by women with long slender necks; short-necked women are best advised to stay away from chokers.

Small busted ladies can opt for long slim chains that sit just below the breast line. By layering them up, it can create a great style statement. Chunky necklaces, such as a bib, can also be a good choice for small chested women.

For the big busted lady who would like people to talk to their face not their boobs, it’s best to avoid necklaces that add volume right at where the cleavage begins. It’s also best to be careful about really chunky necklaces which add volume to a part of your body that may already has enough going on.

Note: If you’re happy to show off your assets, then certainly wear a necklace that sits on your cleavage or just below the collarbone. Learning how to choose a necklace for a dress is the surefire way for that.

2: Consider the Occasions

Choosing the right necklace to wear with an outfit can really make you shine, so you should always select a necklace that is appropriate for the occasion or the event you will be attending and for the time of day. Simple styles work best for formal business occasions and the more elaborate can work for a night on the town!

3: What to Team Your Necklace With

The best way to learn how to choose a necklace is to stick with the old rule: “less is more.” If you’re wearing a chunky bold necklace, keep the earrings simple or you could find yourself looking a little bit garish.

4: Color

Unless you are intentionally going with a bold color block theme, when pairing up your outfit with complementary jewelry, it’s normally best to avoid overwhelming the color of the outfit with a totally mismatched necklace. Sometimes, a subtle necklace is the answer, especially if you want to create a look of sophistication and glamor.

5: What to Ask Yourself When Shopping For Necklaces

A very glamorous, sophisticated lady I know once gave me this little nugget of advice on how to choose a necklace, which I use when shopping for the perfect statement necklace to go with my latest outfit.

The best way to know if you are choosing the right necklace to really benefit your body and your outfit, is to ask yourself a simple question. “Are you wearing the necklace or is the necklace wearing you?” Its dug me out of a few fashion mistakes!

6: Choose the Right Necklace to Go With the Dress

Choose a princess length necklace that falls to your collarbone when wearing a low cut or strapless dress.  Go without a necklace if you are planning on wearing a one shoulder or halter neck dress. Wear a V necklace with a V-neck dress.

Note: Follow the rules on how to choose a necklace for dress and get the best out of all your necklaces.

A necklace can be a great accessory to buy; they can bring glamor to your wardrobe and chunkier pieces, can change a top or a dress into a real statement, and the best bit is you can still have a fun way to make a fashion statement.

Now you know how to choose a necklace to learn some really clever ways to accessorize your outfits . You can go from plain to special with that extra pop, which is the key requirement to channeling your inner fashion goddess.


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