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How to Become a Model in Kenya

how to become a model in kenya

So you think you’ve got all the things that modeling agencies, advertisers, fashion houses and designers look for? You have assessed this opportunity and have reached a conclusion that it suits you best. Well, that’s a very good idea. In fact, I would advise you to stick to it if you are really passionate about fashion, modeling, and all the related stuff. Today, you are going to learn a few tips on how to become a model.

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Leading a career as a model has always been a dream for many, but only a few have managed to turn their dreams into something tangible. This does not imply that it is daunting to make it big in this industry. People tend to think that all you need to be a model is a slender body, acceptable height, beautiful, handsome, masculine features and all those boring stuff you have ever heard. I am afraid to say that if you harbor such beliefs, then you won’t succeed in your aspirations. However, the painful truth is that you should get your body in shape. For those who don’t believe in such crap, you can go ahead reading the details on how to become a model.

How to Become a Model in Kenya Easily

1. Have a goal

Prior to looking for modeling agencies in Kenya that will accept you as a model, have a goal. What do you want? What inspires you to become a model? What do you want to achieve? Are you ready for everything? Most importantly, take ample time to assess if your dreams are really valid and determine how far you are willing to go. Set a goal and stick to it. This means that no matter the circumstances you will encounter, you won’t allow anyone or anything to obstruct your dreams.

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2. Training is necessary

You risk getting rejected if you lack some knowledge and training on modeling. Just because you are beautiful and slender or tall and have a muscular figure does not guarantee everyone will accept you. For the record, serious agencies will always opt for serious people. Tips on how to become a model are never limited. There are institutions out there that offer short modeling courses in Kenya. Get enrolled in any reputable institution that will help you acquire the necessary skills that are not only essential to your dreams, but also to YOU. Even though some modeling agencies in Kenya offer training, let the first impression you give be smart.

3. Create a perfect picture-portfolio

A picture portfolio is like a resume that helps you convince clients to pick on you and it’s a perfect tip on how to become a model in Kenya. The pictures on the portfolio should reflect your confidence while in front of cameras.  Through the pictures, clients will want to look at your composure and general body posture. Ensure that you have a variety of pictures to allow clients determine your potential. Also, let someone who knows how to play around with the camera take the pictures. Let not poor quality photos deny you an opportunity that you deserve.

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4. Breaking into the business

Yeah, this is the most challenging part when you want to become a model. However, it’s not complicated as you think. A little confidence is imperative in making the first step. In Kenya, many models start by working through an agency and this helps to get your feet wet, gain exposure and sharpen your skills. You can opt to continue working through an agency or you can freelance. So, you can weigh both options and see what will work for you best. Then again, you may want to be careful when selecting an agency. Today, many agencies pop up to take advantage of upcoming and struggling models. Watch out!!

5. Gain exposure

Learning is an essential tip on how to become a model. No one will come around looking for you. Moreover, creating a Facebook  page or an Instagram account and uploading your photos will get you nowhere. Yeah, you heard me right. Attend events and meet people you share interests with. Never cease trying to appear in fashion shows, advertisements, and magazines. When you get an opportunity to grace the runway, do your thing. You never know when you will attract the attention of the right people. Additionally, find some modeling auditions in Kenya as they can help to hone your skills. Ensure you understand what to wear to a modeling audition to give the perfect first impression.

6. Joining an agency

Make a mistake here and live to regret why you decided to be a model. Mmmh. But mistakes should be among your expectations should you be caught off-guard. Anyways, prior to joining modeling agencies in Kenya, get some paperwork done. Get a lawyer to go over the contract and explain to you all the vital details. Appeal for changes if you feel a section of the contract it’s somehow suppressing. Sign it when you feel comfortable about everything.

7. Life as a model

Don’t stop. Do you get it? When you finally get accepted by an agency, keep your eyes WIDE open for better gigs. Remember, you need to create a good impression in every event you take part. In some cases, you will need to keep your day job to make ends meet. Quitting your job should only be an option if the gigs you have are fully paying your bills. Prep yourself for a busy life as modeling jobs in Kenya involves traveling a lot, making appointments and other stuff. Plan your finances wisely and remember to save enough for your retirement.

With these steps on how to become a model, you can be sure to create your path towards becoming a successful and established fashion model. Never cease looking for top Kenyan modeling agencies that pay handsomely. Enjoy and success to all aspiring models!!

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