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How to Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick – Easy Lip Liner Tips & Tricks

Achieving beautifully shaped lips starts with a good lip liner. Lip liner can reduce the amount of lipstick necessary for adding color to lips, and prevents lipstick from bleeding and feathering out creating a mess. With that said, knowing how to apply lip liner properly is essential for achieving fuller luscious lips with a define shape and appearance. With the guide below, you can learn how to apply lip liner and lipstick for a flawless look.

how to apply lip liner

Tips on How to Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

1. Pick the Right Shade

Picking the proper shade of lip liner is essential for creating flawless looking lips. Always match your lip liner color to the shade of lipstick you decide to wear. This will allow your lips to hold its natural contour when applying lipstick.

2. Use Sharpened Lip Liners

The first step to knowing how to apply lip liner starts with always making sure you have a sharpened lip liner pencil on hand. This will help you achieve an even outline on the lips, so they appear well shaped.

3. Apply Lip Liner

To make your lips appear larger and fuller for a luscious pout you can apply lip liner to the outside edges of your natural lips. However, if you want your lips to appear smaller, apply the lip liner slightly within the natural lip line edges. Whether you are trying to achieve fuller lips or smaller lips, start from the middle edges of the lips and work towards the corners of the mouth until your lips are outlined with the shape you desire.

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For a bold look, do see that V-shape at the center of your top upper lip? Outline that exactly as it is with your liner. If you want a softer look, where the V-shape starts at your lips draw a rounded shape that is similar to a U-shape. Knowing how to apply lip liner the way you desire is essential for achieving the lips you will love. Play around with shapes when drawing on the lips with a quality liner. It is the only way to discover what shapes you love.

4. Fill in the Rest of the Lips

Now that you know how to apply lip liner and your lips are shaped the way you desire it is time to fill in the lips by applying lipstick.

Following these steps will help you know how to apply lip liner like a pro for a professional appearance you will receive many compliments on. Once you master the perfect lips, you can teach your love ones how to apply lip liner too.

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