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Hair Tutorial – How to Apply Hair Extensions at Home

In this article, we will learn how to apply hair extensions. Hair extensions has been a fast-growing tendency in women’s fashion for many years now. Applying clip-in hair extensions can significantly improve the way your hairstyle looks and has become top beauty product for women. They are very easy to apply and take care of. Wearing only a couple tracks of hair extensions will give your hair desired volume and length. Now, let’s learn how to apply hair extensions.

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Steps on How to Apply Hair Extensions

Steps on How to Apply Hair Extensions

1. Prepare your hair

Preparing your hair is the first step to learn how to apply hair extensions. You need to brush it through and make sure there is no knots. If you are going for straight hairstyle, you can also straighten your hair before applying extensions, as well as after you applied them.

2. Prepare hair extensions

Prepare hair extensions by making sure your hair extensions are nice and brushed before applying them to your hair. When brushing hair extensions, make sure you do it from bottom to top, this way you will save your extension from shedding. If your hair extensions are wavy by its texture or after the last wear, you will need to straighten them. Preparing your hair and extensions are crucial for learning how to apply clip-in hair extensions.

3. Styling

Using a comb section off your hair and clip all the hair up, except for the very bottom part. Making circular motions with extension’s clips, apply the first track of hair extensions to the bottom section of your hair.

4. Repeat step-3 applying hair extensions

Repeat the same step, sectioning off your hair and applying clip-in hair extensions about one or two inches from each other, depending on the amount of tracks you want to apply to achieve desired volume.

5. Brush your hair for a perfect blend

After applying all the hair extensions, brush your hair through and make sure hair extensions are nicely blended with your hair and look as natural as possible. Consider applying single-clip tracks of extensions under the very top section of your hair to make them look even more natural. Now you know how to apply hair extensions.

6. Try the Wavy

Depending on the hairstyle you want to achieve, finish your hair accordingly. Hair extensions tend to give you the most natural look, when you do it wavy.

7. Brush for the last time

Brush your hair one more time. Use any hair spray you prefer to make sure the hairstyle lasts longer. This is the final step in learning how to apply clip-in hair extensions and style them.

As you can see, it’s very easy to learn how to apply hair extensions. We hope this little tips and tricks will help you achieve the desired hairstyle.


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