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How to Apply Foundation For Beginners

How to apply foundationAchieving a flawless finish when applying foundation is something every woman wants. Foundation is the most important component of any makeup bag as it provides the basis for the general look. If it’s applied the wrong way or in the wrong shade; the whole look will be instantly ruined. Learning how to apply foundation properly will save you from any future frustration or embarrassment.

Steps on how to apply foundation

What you need

  • Moisturizer, cleanser, and toner
  • A concealer
  • Foundation that matches your skin type and tone
  • Sponges or brushes
  • Translucent powder

STEP 1: Select the perfect color for your skin

To pick the perfect shade for your skin tone, try three foundations shades that you think they resemble your natural coloring and then blend them next to one another on your cheeks. This will enable you to choose the shade that best complements your skin color. You can still consult a beauty adviser to guide you in picking the perfect color.

STEP 2: Decide on medium

Foundation comes in a variety of forms, medium and texture, including compact powder, loose powder, liquids, creams, and aerosols. The variety type does not matter as such, only on the comfort while applying the foundation. Try different versions and determine that which feels most comfortable while applying and looks more realistic on your skin.

STEP 3: Acquire the right foundation application tools

There are three primary tools used for applying foundation; fingers, sponge or a brush. Each has its own benefits. Fingers allow better blending while a brush helps in minimizing the spread of bacteria.

STEP 4: Wash your hands

Once you have decided on the color, medium and the application tool, it’s time to start preparing yourself for the task ahead. Start by washing your hands to prevent spread of bacteria from dirty hands. Dirty hands can also lead to blemishes and pimples. If you decide to use a brush or a sponge, make sure that they are clean. This is one of the important tips on how to apply foundation that many people tend to overlook.

STEP 5: Prepare your face

A clean, well toned and moisturized face is a perfect home for the foundation. This is because the preparation makes the makeup look natural and also protect the skin. Wash your face with a gentle face cleaner and then apply the facial moisturizer. Wait for about five minutes before applying the foundation.

STEP 6: Apply the concealer

The concealer is very important as it seal in imperfection and also smooth out the skin. It should be applied under eye circles and to any blemish that you may have on your face. Concealers with yellow or peach undertone are best used to counteract dark colors of under-eye circles while green concealers serve best when used to cover red color of broken capillaries or blemishes. This is because green cancels out the red as they two are opposite colors.

It’s important to note that you can still apply the concealer after applying the foundation.

STEP 7: Apply your foundation

Regardless of whether the foundation you are applying is a liquid powder or cream, it should be first applied in the center of the face. Put a few dabs on either cheek near your nose, on your chin and a bit on the forehead; less is best.

Using the tool of your choice, blend the foundation around your face. You should be able to see lines where the foundation starts or ends. Make sure that the foundation is not too thick by spreading it out. The main aim of blending is to even out the skin tones and not to apply an opaque mask. Be sure not to spread the foundation to the neck, instead take it just under the jaw line.

STEP 8: Take a rerun

You can take a second run so as to go through certain areas with uneven skin, such as dark spots and acne. A concealer can also be of great help when applied to the uneven skin, but make sure that you blend well. Look at your face closely in the mirror just to make sure that the foundation blends properly in all spots. You can also ask another household member or a friend to make sure there is no spot that you have not taken care of.

STEP 9: Dust your face with a translucent powder

Immediately after applying the foundation, dust your face so as to achieve a nice matte finish and to prevent oil build up from showing up. Do not dust your face if your skin is dry as the powder tends to draw moisture up and out of your skin.

While the above shows you how to apply foundation, it’s important to understand that your skin may change as time goes. This calls for different types of foundations depending on the state of the skin at the time of need.

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