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Hire Wedding Dresses in Kenya – The Go-To Places

Hiring wedding gowns in Kenya is one of the most pragmatic solutions to getting your dream wedding dress. It is cost efficient and allows you to get in tune with your style preferences at a reasonable margin. The fact that a wedding dress will be worn only once makes hiring efficient for cost-conscious couples. So if you’ve narrowed down to hiring as the most viable option, then there are places that might meet your fancy. Among the top places to hire wedding dresses in Kenya, you will certainly find these options worthwhile.

hire wedding dresses in Kenya


Where to Hire Wedding Dresses in Kenya

1. Bride to Bride Kenya

The responsibility that comes with being a premier online marketplace for dresses is nothing short of huge. Especially when it involves top of the range bridal gowns for hire. Bride to Bride has excelled in this to become the top go-to place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

Styles and designs range that they offer is as wide as there are platforms to express them. This varies from chic pieces to traditional designs that meet different aspects of style. So whatever maybe your bridal craving, it’s a great place to run wild.

The best part is that there is the buy and sell, and even lease pre-owned masterpieces. Naturally, this allows the variety to be broad and meet the potential style needs of different brides.

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2. Elle bridal

Committing to providing excellent bridal services at an affordable rate is the mantra that this fashion house excels in. The locally made loveliness that gives the authentic Kenyan touch that’s accessible to many. This is what makes Elle an excellent choice for people wanting to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

The design range is a stellar collection of some of the best Kenyan wedding gowns at a significant price drop. Urban glimpses, traditional mainstream pieces, and chic specs are some of the offers that Elle gives.

Attractive deals also follow for those keen on getting the exclusive offers that they have on other bridal services.

3. Happy Wishy

Designer pieces at the most accessible prices are what makes Happy Wishy the ideal venue to hire wedding dresses in Kenya. Stylish gowns, shoes, and trendy accessories are also part of the bridal package that they offer to prospective brides.

Their online presence accentuates the accessibility to their product ranges. This has made it easy to browse the catalog of designer world-class bridal gowns for hire and make orders depending on one’s tastes. The featured products also have some of the most exclusive fashion items in the market.

4. Marina Bridal

Marina Bridal stands out as having one of the most comprehensive bridal collections in Kenya. With stylish varieties of designer gowns and complete bridesmaids’ dresses, its paramount diversity ensures all styles are covered. This is why it’s a top place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

World class pieces and full collections of latest trends in bridal couture ensures the finest tastes are met adequately. This also brings the costs of gracing the wedding in style considerably minimized. If you are keen on having a super classy impact on your wedding day, then Marina’s got you sorted on an affordable budget.

Hiring wedding gowns for hire in Nairobi also makes their other bridal offers considerably lessened. The offers extend to the other style accessories and garments.

5. Tight Knot Wedding House

Classic pieces and modern glimpses to a traditional stylish touch is what makes Tight Knot Wedding tick in the bridal style sphere. Continuous involvement in providing these services at one of the competitive prices has made them excel in being a top place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

Tight Knot has made its primary aim to be the most elegant and affordable fashion house through its bridal collection. This extends to bridesmaids, flower girls dresses, and even jewelry. Prices vary but mainly depend on the type of dress and designer trends in the market.

6. Top Bride Collections

The extent of the stylish impact that this fashion house has made is nothing short of exemplary. Top Bride has risen to become not only a top place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya but also a complete bridal haven. This comes mainly from the great fashion forward bridal variety.

An all-encompassing bridal range to meet varying desired looks and themes make them a favorite among many would be brides. Their broad and elegant range is themed on an affordable structure to ensure bridal dreams are fulfilled.

Their style catalog includes modern designs, Kenyan and African-inspired pieces, and some custom-made pieces.

7. The Perfect Bride

The perfect wedding dress is an art that not many people can afford to own. The challenge is not only in the buying but also in the maintaining of the dress afterward. This understanding is what The Perfect Bride solve this need by offering the luxury of a designer dress at awesome prices.

A well stocked bridal insights on dresses enables many brides-to-be a huge option to have that stylish dress. They also offer professional services to aid in selecting the ultimate dress. Styles and inspirations also go hand in hand with classic patterns and latest trends.

Hiring and delivery options are reflective of the top range detail and reputation that this fashion house has. They are timely and efficient, so the deadlines for the wedding are efficiently met.

8. Wedding Belles Kenya

Top quality and chic pieces have made them one of the most popular bridal shops in Kenya. Their mass appeal is mainly on the stylish grounds that their pieces are based on. Their popularity is also based on them being among the most affordable places to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

Their bridal range includes exotic imported pieces and local design gems. This ensures that all preferred looks and desired style motifs are well addressed. The high status of the fashion-forward pieces is mainly because they have a wide spectrum of design themes.

They also cater fully for the bridesmaids and groomsmen attires.

9. Nikita Bridal Shop

Nothing makes a bridal shop stand out more than the sense of a personalized service range. This is especially useful since hiring a wedding gown can feel a little strange for some would be brides. Nikita Bridal has made this one of its strong points as the best place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

The design range has some of the broadest strokes in the bridal fashion spectrum. Beginning from top scale patterned beauty to detailed high range designer gowns for hire in Nairobi, they have ensured all the ground is effectively covered.

Their prices are also quite attractive, and they have an inclusive price range to meet all possible budgets.

10. All Divas Wedding 

The definition of an ideal bridal shop is a haven for fulfilling all bridal desires. All Divas bridal shop has leveled this up a notch. The quality of the bridal service they offer is nothing short of exemplary. Their reputation has made them one of the most recommended places to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

The design spectrum that their Kenyan wedding gowns range are as varying as the inspiration behind them. Expect to find the versatility and creative styles to meet any bridal style intentions. This includes urban perspectives and even vintage aspects of designs. The latest trends are also not left in their collection.

Having a wide-ranging collection at the most intriguing of offers is just some of the reasons why this is a place to check out.

11. Jerm Creations Bridal Shop

Making the most out of your budget while not compromising the essential style features is what makes hiring such an attractive option. This can, however, be detrimental if you go to the wrong people. This is why Jerm Creations involves a team of style experts to make sure you get the best.

Their service and personal involvement have made them one of the best places to hire wedding dresses in Kenya. The best part, however, is the world of options that you get from their immense, colorful collection. From a conservative range to new glimpses to latest trends, they’ve got all of it sorted.

The price range is a dynamic one depending on the designer behind the piece and the level of sophistication of its creations. All in all, it’ll be a fraction of the dress’ value since you’ll be hiring.

12. Afro Elegance Bridal Collections

When the pinch starts and you need the ultimate African themed bridal gown then you’re in luck here. For those seeking an ethno-chic expression with a modern touch then this place gives you a choice range to die for. Or get blissfully married to, however, you want to look at it. This especially comes in handy for those intending to make memorable fashion statements on the big day.

The intriguing collection reflects all the different elements that you’d expect to find in a bridal gem. Timeless pieces and inspired designs make Afro Elegance a top place to hire wedding dresses in Kenya. The pieces can also be altered to meet the size and style specifications that you would need.

Prices vary but expect to part with a reasonable amount depending on the type and style of dress.

13. Queens Bridal Lounge

Nothing says royalty like a designer wedding dress with all the best jewelry and shoes to complete the picture. Buying that perfect piece will, therefore, require parting with a pretty penny, but thanks to hiring, this cost is significantly reduced. Queens Bridal is part of the group of top bridal shops that is making this elegance affordable.

The quality is upper crust perfection, and the style is as good as the designs. Having an intimate experience with the selection is what the range is all about. You’ll be tempted to buy the dress altogether once you arrive at the best piece that you can find. That how good their rental wedding dresses are. These are the qualities that you should be look out for if you want to hire a wedding dress in Kenya.

Costs are a reflection of the level of commitment that these guys have put in ensuring that your day is as perfect as can be. They are affordable, so you can’t have a valid excuse for not making jaws drop on your elegant shimmering piece.

14. Zuri Brides

The complete package for handling all the bridal desires should be what you look for in a bridal shop. This should aid you in making the style decision that resonates with your essence. This importance cannot be over-emphasized when choosing that essential piece to your wedding puzzle. Zuri Brides is one of those places you can get to hire a wedding dress in Kenya without worrying about that.

Design and style of the dress will vary and depend mostly on the bride’s tastes and desired look. They cater for a wide array of exquisite pieces that accommodate the traditional to the mainstream and even the chic adventurous themes. Ethno-chic bridal apparel is also available for the patriotic folks.

They have the most attractive of deals to make sure you get the value you deserve. This includes complimentary jewelry pieces to complete your wedding dress.

15. Ultimate Bride Shop

Let’s face it; nothing says, ‘ I do,’ more than having the ultimate wedding dress when walking down the aisle. Especially if it’s in the piece that not only reflects your light but also your hopes and dreams. Ultimate Bride Shop uses this as the foundation behind their pieces. This is an excellent service, ranking among the top places to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.

Collections and trends come and go, but there are unique, timeless pieces that stand the test of time. Especially, their designer pieces that have all the charisma of a professional stylist behind their creation. This can, however, be quite expensive but hiring a piece makes this a fraction of the cost.

16. Jayelle Styles

Their range of designs and style are the reflection of the level of intricacy and style mastery, and Jayelle Styles possesses this. Their collection has some of the insightful and well-slated pieces in bridal couture. This makes them a prime place to find wedding gowns for hire in Nairobi.

Featuring some of the most trendiest pieces and the cutting edge design templates, they have the top bridal collection in Nairobi. This is quite an affordable deal, especially when one wants to hire wedding dresses in Kenya.


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