Grooming Tips for Men – How to Look After Your Face and Avoid Dry Skin
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Grooming Tips for Men – How to Look After Your Face and Avoid Dry Skin

Whether dressing up for an interview or going on a date, there are times men need to be concerned about their personal hygiene and appearance. I know that when I am well-groomed, I also feel a higher sense of self-confidence. I also feel like people are more willing to talk to me. So I thought I would share these professional grooming tips for men so you too can have the confidence and professionalism to tackle any situation. Here are my grooming tips for men’s faces

                 Grooming Tips for Men to Avoid Dry Skin

Grooming tips for men


1. Acne

We all know you can get the newest haircut, the shiniest watch, and the slickest suit but if you have dry skin or you have acne issues, this will be the first thing people notice. Let’s go straight to the acne issue.

First of all, what causes acne? There is an oil gland under your pores that releases dead skin cells through a path called a follicle. Sometimes the oil, dead skin cells, and hair get plugged up against each other which causes a pimple.


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There are a few ways to prevent this from occurring and several ways to stop it after it has started. The most common preventative measures are to gently wash your face every evening before going to bed and changing your pillowcases often. Washing your face every evening helps to get rid of any extra dead skin that might get clogged up. Washing and changing your pillowcases at least once every three days prevents oil from building up on them and then building up in your follicles.

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For measures to stop the problem once it has begun, there are several options ranging from dollar store male grooming products (which I do not recommend as they cause dry skin) to over the counter prescriptions which are expensive but work very well.

2. Dry Skin

Another confidence killer is dry skin. Dry skin is often itchy. When you scratch the itchy skin, the extra oil from your hands can sometimes lead to acne. Dry skin is also flaky. The last thing you want is to finally go on a date with someone only to have your skin flaking off.

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There are several options for manly men who need men’s products, but honestly, women are the ones who have figured this out. I personally recommend Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer. It not only has the necessary ingredients to hydrate the skin, but it also has skin protectant in it such as spf15 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


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3. Facial Hair

Keeping a well-groomed Fu Manchu is a different article. When I mention facial hair here, I mean how to shave without hurting your skin. You’ve picked out the perfect suit and matching socks for your interview, and you’ve taken care of your acne ahead of time but when you go to brush that last coffee off your breath, you realize you forgot about your crazy biker beard.


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Step number one: do not shave that thing off like you are trying to impress an Asian Chef with your knife skills. Take your time! I don’t care if Tiger Woods says you can shave all the hair off your face with this new razor’s 128 blade system in under 30 seconds, don’t do it. When you scrape a razor across your skin too fast, if you manage not to take any skin off you are still irritating it. This causes your skin to become inflamed or to produce more oil to protect it. This extra oil can cause a blockage which in turn causes acne. Spend money on a good razor, and make sure it is constantly sharp.

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4. Hyperpigmentation

This problem causes dark spots on the skin either because of age or acne. Creams and other such products which claim to get rid of these do not work. To get rid of these, it is necessary to see a dermatologist who can perform laser treatments. You can read more about Hyperpigmentation here.


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5. Rosacea

Rosacea is red, inflamed or swollen skin. Doctors are not yet sure what causes rosacea. It is most common in people with fair skin and people who blush easily. There are products on the shelves to deal with this issue, and over the counter prescriptions. If you have Rosacea, you should absolutely contact a dermatologist who can provide you with the right prescription for your skin type.


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6. Scars

A more common skin issue than Hyperpigmentation or Rosacea is scarring. We all know the super awesome story you made up about the epic bar fight you got in that gave you that scar is a lie, so here’s how to get rid of it. There are so many options for this frequent problem now. The most effective is laser treatment, but this is very expensive. A popular less expensive option is Bio Oil. I have never tried this myself, but users say spreading Bio Oil on your affected skin areas twice a day for three months can significantly reduce the appearance of scars including acne scars and stretch marks.


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Wrapping Up – How to look after your face

So, whether you are preparing for an important business meeting or you just need a little self-confidence boost, I hope you can use this men’s grooming guide to clear up any facial skin issues you may encounter. These personal grooming tips for men should help you prepare for any situation. So get cleaned up and get a boost to your self-confidence!


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