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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Getting rid of stretch marks can sometimes be very challenging most especially if you are not endowed with adequate know-how on how to handle stretch marks. Many people have always heard about stretch marks, but do not really understand what they are. These are simply lines that can be visible on the surface of a human’s skin, and normally has an improper hue. They are very common on a person’s abdominal wall. Nevertheless, stretch marks can equally be found on the upper arms, over the thighs, breasts and buttocks. Important to note, on a number of occasions, stretch marks cover vast body areas and it is mainly caused by pregnancy. Alongside pregnancy, stretch marks can as well be caused by sudden weight loss or gain, heredity factors, rapid growth, physical condition changes and stress.

As it works, getting rid of stretch marks can give you self-confidence in addition to making you comfortable when it comes to your appearance. Are you a victim of stretch marks? There is no cause to worry as this article is going to highlight some of the glaring guidelines you can follow so as to get rid of the stretch marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Easily

1. Use of castor oil

As one of the ways to help you get rid of stretch marks, using castor oil can be very instrumental. For instance, the castor oil is always used for treating numerous skin diseases. Some of these may include dark spots, moles, age spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles. However, treatment of stretch marks is also no exception in this category. Simply apply the oil on the affected areas and then wrap with a fine cloth made from cotton.

2. Use of Aloe Vera

Another approved way to get rid of stretch marks is through the use of aloe vera. This is due to the fact that the medicine is known for soothing and healing properties. There are numerous ways through which it can be applied, but the most important thing is just to ensure that it is applied on an affected area.

3. Use of egg whites

In getting rid of stretch marks, using egg whites is equally paramount as egg whites can also heal stretch marks. As it is well known, eggs are very rich in protein. The areas affected by the stretch marks only require egg whites for their amino acids as well as protein. This is achieved by simply applying a layer of egg white using a brush on the stretch marks.

4. Use of lemon juice

Lemon juice can also be a natural remedy to your stretch marks. They are known for lessening the stretch marks. This is because they contain acid that are vital when it comes to healing stretch marks. Additionally, they can also heal other scars and acne.

5. Use of sugar

Finally, in a bid to get rid of stretch marks on the body, using white sugar can be very helpful. The sugar can be used for skin exfoliation. Simply mix one tablespoon raw sugar and almond oil plus lemon juice drops, and then apply on an affected area. This should be done daily for a period not less than a month.


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