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G-Skyye Lounge Fashion Affair: What You Missed.

On January 31, 2015, we had an opportunity to attend a fashion affair at G-Skyye building in Westlands, Nairobi. Even though we had a hard time locating the building, we managed to arrive before the event commenced. The event was embellished by an upcoming fashion agency based in Buruburu Phase 2 known as Dutre Inc, and we really adored everything they had to offer.

So, let me share some of the good moments our camera guys captured at the event. First, the models of the group showcased some of the designs made by a designer of the House of Valerie Francois called Hannah Nduta. She knows how to pick her colours, which looked fabulous and eye-catching on her designs.  Here are some pictures you may want to see:

Later, a guest designer joined the affair and wanted some of his designs to be showcased. I didn’t know he was a designer until when he was introduced. He goes by the name Steven Agola and he uses the name Zikana for his designs. Steven’s favourite colour seems to be yellow as that is the dominant colour in all his designs. You can check out his designs in the photos below:

We had also the opportunity to meet the three designers who attended the event. They all have great aspirations in getting their work out there, and they are putting much effort in ensuring that. Even with the dearth of opportunities and resources, they are determined to live by their objectives. One of the designers attended the affair just to keep abreast of whatever is happening in the industry, which is a great way to pick new ideas and meet like-minded people.


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