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Wedding Planning Services: 3 Tips for Planning a Perfect Big Day

Is your wedding around the corner? Have you given a thought to hiring professional wedding planning services for your big day? Definitely, a special day like this has to be a memorable event that you can look back at and cherish for a lifetime. How can you make sure of this? Well, you have to think beyond and consider essential details like the theme, event planning, guest list, décor and other features.

Keep in mind that settling for an overarching wedding concept and finally sticking to it is one of the best and easy to plan a wedding that reflects your personality. Definitely, this will also help to make your life a lot easier as you plan to weed through different options in the months and weeks to come.

Hence, before you book your band, try on dresses, sample bites of cakes, hire wedding reception decorators, you need to look at the bigger picture and determine the precise vibe you wish to set on your wedding date.

wedding planning services

As you read on below, you will learn some tips on how you can plan a grand wedding in Atlanta that gives people a glimpse of your personality!

1. You Should Think Big

Usually, the beginning process of any wedding is the dreaming phase, so you should not worry if something would work out or the costs that may tag along with it. At this stage, you should not even consider what your parents might be thinking. All you need to do is picture your dream wedding and what you wish to have in the theme setting.

You should consider a few questions while everything else comes together in your head. However, our advice is that you should picture how you want things to be at your wedding, like the floral arrangement, the wedding colors, and other similar details. You should also try to think out of the box because you do not need to settle for anything unusual. Go for details that define you.

Here are a few questions you should consider while everything else comes together in your head.

  • Should the celebration take place indoors or outdoors?
  • Small (with relatives and friends only), or big (with everyone else you know)
  • Romantic, classic, modern, rustic, vintage, or utterly glamorous
  • Should the event be casual, fancy or something in between?
  • Do you wish to host the wedding in your current city or want a destination wedding?
  • What should be the best season? Summer, spring, fall, or winter

If you are searching for answers to such questions, you can always consult experienced wedding planning services, such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events for some guidance.

wedding planning services

2. Search for Some Ideas

To be able to show a glimpse of your personality, you have to gather some ideas on exactly what you want. The best tip here, for some inspiration, is to spend your time flipping through wedding photos, bridal magazines, and other event planning books.

However, the options are unlimited. You can also surf the internet and gather different ideas that could spark some new concepts to define you. Consider how you want things to appear on your big day, and you can put up the ideas in one place. When you organize everything in place, this should help you to visualize as well as identify how different elements will all appear together.

Another great idea for you is to meet Amy Nichols of Let’s Celebrate, and she would share some of her hints and tricks on types of event design elements you can choose for your wedding!

wedding planning services

3. Narrow Down Your Options

Bear in mind that the more specific you are with your vision and ideas, the easier it should be for you to choose as well as deliver all the details to the planners or experts you decide to pick. Rest assured that the precise the theme you choose, the better it should be for wedding planning services to deliver the results.

Rather than stopping at a single theme, you should decide on whether you want an art-deco style theme, or something totally Hollywood glam! Apart from this, your theme could also be anything from your favorite movie, cartoon, hobby, era, or heritage theme.

However, something you need to be careful about is that you should not load many ideas all in one place. You need to keep your theme as simple as possible to ensure your celebration is a spectacular one. Sometimes, people try to add more than one theme to their event, and this can just drop the vibe of the entire event.

Wedding Planning Services – The Takeaway

Planning your grand wedding in Atlanta that reflects your personality is not something impossible. To shape the style, theme, colors, and all the details you dream of on your day, a word of advice is that you should explore all your options and try to share them with your event planners. Working with wedding planning services can also put you a step ahead to define you as well as your personality.


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