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Five Best Places To Buy Clothes Online in Kenya

Online shopping in Kenya is thriving, and many shoppers are taking advantage of the many benefits it offers. So, if you are planning on shopping for clothes online, a wide trendy selection of choices awaits you. There are several reputable online shopping Kenyan sites that offer the latest fashion styles, giving you access to varied fashion trends just with a click of a mouse. Yeah, it’s facile as it sounds. You only need to place your order on one of the Kenyan online shopping sites and wait for delivery, which can take up to seven business days depending on the site you use. Well, here are top five places to buy clothes online in Kenya.

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Buy Clothes online in Kenya on These Clothing Sites

1. Jumia Kenya

We all know Jumia as it has already built a stellar reputation in Kenya as one of the biggest online clothing stores Kenya. Actually, it is a favorite for many, and it has continued proving that you should choose them every time you desire new clothes. Jumia offers clothes for both men and women.  The brands you can find on Jumia include JunaRose, Desire, Chic Lady, Coral Fashions, Johari, Style in Grace, The Arrow, and many others. You can find tops, trousers and dresses that you’ve always admired. You can check them out and decide if the site offers what you need.

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2. Kilimall

This site seems to be earning the trust of many online shoppers in Kenya. I have heard claims that their prices are lower compared to what Jumia Kenya offers. Kilimall too offers dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, shorts, lingerie, sleepwear and many more. Visit the site to check what they offer. You can make it your favorite shopping site if it meets your interest.

3. Kaymu Kenya

I think this is a sister site of Jumia Kenya, and it offers a huge collection of clothes that you can choose. This site has different styles including peplum, bodycon, sketa, sweetheart, chiffon and other options. They have many sellers, including Jumia Kenya, offering different clothes. Brands that the site offers include Galaxy, Golden Days, Desire, Geino Original and others. With the many options it offers, Kaymu Kenya is indeed a good place to buy clothes online in Kenya.

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4. BidorBuy Kenya

Here is another good option that lists items from different clothing stores in Nairobi. Buyers can choose between new or secondhand items, and some items have warranties. You can add your favorite items on your watchlist or buy immediately. This online shopping Kenyan site allows shoppers to bid on products.

5. Rupu Kenya

They do not offer quite a huge collection, but it is worth checking them out. You can find a good item while browsing the site.

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Well, here are the top places to buy clothes online in Kenya. You can choose any that you want, or you can compare prices before choosing one. One good tip is to choose Kenyan online shopping sites that offer a huge collection. This gives you the privilege to compare brands and also lets you shop all your items from one place.


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