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Five Benefits of Becoming a Fashion Model

Most people at one point in time must have considered being a model. Modeling in Kenya is one of the very few jobs where you are rewarded for being beautiful and for having a good body. When it comes to getting a great body, there have been modeling agencies in Kenya popping up in the recent times for the plus size. How great is that! Flashing lights and cameras, red carpets, and the runways are some of the benefits of becoming a fashion model. These are just some of the reasons most young people spend their youth learning how to become a model.

Benefits of Becoming a Fashion Model

Benefits of Becoming a Fashion Model


1) Salary

One of the advantages of being a model is that fashion modeling is a well-paying career. But just like in any other career, models struggle with good pay at the beginning of their careers. Some maintain their modeling jobs because they are passionate about it but some give up along the way. It may take some time, maybe a couple of years to establish your name and build a good portfolio. But once you have created a good brand for yourself, then you start getting rewarded for your efforts. You land on lucrative paid modeling jobs and make a good living out of your career. Great models make even millions just to showcase their face or their bodies.

2) New knowledge

Modeling career exposes you to a whole new world where you get to learn different types of things. Through modeling, you get to learn about health and fitness since you are expected to maintain an excellent body and your health too. You also get to learn to build your confidence and also good communication skills. These lessons can easily be incorporated in your other careers once you are done with modeling that is a short term career. Sometimes models get to learn different languages and this adds up to the advantages of being a model.

3) Publicity and exposure

There are so many people out there trying to get publicity and exposure but for top models in Kenya this comes as easy as A B C. By being either a part-time model or a professional model, you are vastly exposed to the media. You get your photos taken during different events and shows and later on end up in the papers, magazines and the internet. You may also get to be interviewed on TV shows about your modeling career and upcoming projects. These shows give you so much exposure and put you in the limelight. This is yet another advantage of being a model as you will get to sell and market your brand even more.

Benefits of Becoming a Fashion Model

Source: The New York Times

4) Travelling

Travelling is one of the many benefits of becoming a fashion model in Kenya. As a model, you get a lot of projects that may require you to travel whether domestically or internationally. Fashion modeling can be a very demanding job where you get to travel a lot to different places and at times around the globe depending on the various projects. The company you work for pays for all your travel expenses and you get even bigger allowances when you get a job with international agencies. Travelling allows you to see and interact with people from different walks of life.

5) Influential acquaintances

This adds as an advantage of being a model as you will get to meet influential acquaintances who are important in the whole modeling industry. Models in Kenya get to meet and interact with influential people during the modeling events and other events. Models have a better chance of meeting very famous people all over the world whom they can count on for support.

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