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Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya – The Five Unrivaled

I did here a post on the top Kenyan female fashion bloggers and was inspired to do this again. From my point of view, fashion blogging in Kenya is growing fast, and I admire the creativity that many bloggers are showing through their blogs. So, I thought it was best to write another piece about the top female fashion bloggers in Kenya. This piece features those Kenyan fashion blogs that readers can benefit from the vast tips and ideas that bloggers offer.  Nancie Mwai’s blog seems not to be working by the time I was crafting this post (Now active). So, we didn’t include her in the post.

Top Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

1. Just Joy Kendi

This blog tops our list of top fashion bloggers in Kenya for many reasons. One thing we like about the blog is that the owner, Joy Kendi, gave it a unique name. Normally, many bloggers like using their names in the domain name, which is also good. Our Style Kenya offers DIY tutorials, videos and Joy Kendi’s personal style and tips. This is a creative way to run a blog, giving and sharing essential fashion tips to the many readers she has. We also love that she takes the time to respond to readers’ comments, which is imperative in running a blog. Engaging the readers and answering their questions is one of the things that puts her among the top female fashion bloggers in Kenya.

Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya - The Five Unrivaled

2. This is Ess

The name too is a killer and depicts creativity that fashion blogging requires. “Sharing” is what drives a blog and makes it a place to go. That is what Sharon Mundia is doing. This is Ess offers information on different categories including travel, lifestyle, beauty and Mundia’s personal style. It also offers videos, which are essential to add relevant how-tos to a fashion blog. However, one thing we didn’t like is that her number of yearly posts seems to be taking a downward trend. Well, we understand that creating time to update a fashion blog can be tricky. But for it to remain relevant, updating it regularly should be a priority.

Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya - The Five Unrivaled

3. Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau is one of the best female fashion bloggers in Kenya. Admittedly, she is doing great, and she deserves a spot on this list. The blog covers hair & beauty topics and Lucia’s personal style. It also features an #AskLucia page, which allows readers to ask questions and other tips that they could use. The posting frequency seems to be good, and the blog has earned a good following on social media. One thing we don’t like is her poor engagement. She seems not to be replying to reader’s comments, which is very vital to the life of a blog. Still, the blog offers lots of stuff that can be quite beneficial.

Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya - The Five Unrivaled

4. Style by Silvia

The look of the blog is intriguing, giving that first powerful impression that every fashion blog should. And that is one reason Style by Silvia features on out best five Kenyan fashion blogs. The navigation and layout of the site are user-friendly, giving users an easy time to get what they want. Silvia Njoki owns Style by Silvia and the blog offers information on different categories, including mama style, baby style and DIY tips. It also has a category that provides tips for dressing on Monday. We think that is a creative addition. We also love how Njoki incorporates baby style into her blog, making her one of the top female fashion bloggers in Kenya.

Female Fashion Bloggers in Kenya - The Five Unrivaled

5. FitnDiscover

Such a creative name stirs pleasant thoughts about the blog. And yes, the blog offers the awesomeness that the name lends. Winnie Odande runs FitnDiscover, and she is doing pretty well as one of the top fashion bloggers in Kenya. We love the theme, but we didn’t find the blog user-friendly as there are no distinct categories. I just wondered where readers navigate to when on the site. Anyways, the blog seems to be sharing some pretty great stuff. The posting frequency is not that bad, but it should strive to offer regular updates. The engagement of the blog is good too, and we love that Odande creates time to respond to her readers.

5 unrivaled fashion bloggers in Kenya

This is our top female fashion bloggers in Kenya, but the list and the information are prone to change. We admire the creativity of  Kenyan fashion bloggers, and we are looking forward to seeing them flourish and creating powerful and relevant content for their readers.

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