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Become the New Face of Maybelline Kenya in 2016

Opportunities will never end and some times they come knocking on your door. They even stay for long trying to get your attention. This is what Maybelline Kenya is doing in 2015. Okay, let me get straight to the point. Maybelline New York Kenya is searching for an alluring and beguiling face that will be featured on their 2016 advertising campaign. You know what stirs in mind when the idea of “advertising” pops up, especially in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Right? So, I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on such a competition.

Well, I am pretty confident that there are thousands of people already participating in the Maybelline Kenya competition. Unfortunately, this may scare some people away. You know, that feeling like “it’s already late.” I don’t believe it’s late. Why? Because the setting of the competition has allowed participants to be voted for by their friends, relatives and family members. So, if you can solicit votes from all your friends and loved ones, there is a potential for coming out among the top ten. But if you lack self-trust, you can as well consider not giving it a try (just saying).

You only need to take a pretty photo and upload it to Gorgeous Gallery, an online system that Maybelline Kenya has designed specifically for the competition. Ensure you get a REAL photographer to take the photo if you aspire to be among the top ten participants. That ain’t a lie. Just don’t make a mistake of uploading a selfie. After the public voting, the top ten participants will meet a panel of judges who will pick the winner. The award makes me feel nervous if not envious. Imagine “an all expenses paid trip to New York to shoot the campaign alongside top make-up artists, including Muthoni Njoba.” Does is not sound great?

Ooops! I was just about to forget. Here is the link to the competition’s webpage.

Maybe it’s not me, but maybe it’s you!!


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