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5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look to a Fashionable Style

Most women opt for simple and stylish look, but how long till your simple look becomes just basic? For you to upgrade to a fabulous look, you do not need to clear your closet and start from scratch, far from it. You just need to pay more attention to detail. Less is more but also, make sure that the “less” speaks volumes. Here are five easy ways to change your look from a simple style to a fashionable and style look.

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Easy Ways to Change Your Look and Style

1. Opt for the white jeans instead of the blue

White brings out a classy chic look and gives you and even fabulous feeling. Many are the times you’d opt for the blue jeans but try out the white to bring out a refreshed, relaxed and sophisticated look. White jeans are simply ‘gold’ when you want to update your style to a fashionable look.

Easy Ways to Change Your Look

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2. Double up

Instead of trying to mix and match or making it work. Try wearing denim on denim, leather on leather, print on print, plain on plain and a monochromatic look. Doubling up is definitely the one of the easy ways to change your look to a fabulous style.

easy ways to change your look - jeans

3. Add something fancy

We all have those fancy and luxurious items which range from jewelry, designer pieces or an outfit combo that we keep away in the closet only to be unleashed during special occasions. Try having them on more regularly with your daily outfits. This will be a complete upgrade to your daily look as you continue to source out for more fancy stuff. Having them on a regular allows you to experiment and you’ll be surprised to find out your fancy outfit combo working perfectly well with your other outfits.

easy ways to change your look - jeans

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4. Break the rules

Forget the rules, after all rules are there to be broken, especially fashion rules. In fashion, you need to wear what you are comfortable in and what you personally think you look good in and be creative about it. Experiment all you want, wear any combo, and improvise all you can, bottom line is, be creative.

easy ways to change your look

5. Structurize

Introducing structure in your outfits is an easy way to update your look. This basically means, replace your daily hand bag with a well-structured tote bag, the plain blouse with something more visual and go all the way out.  To upgrade any look, go for anything with even the tiniest bit of structure in it.

Easy Ways to Change Your Look

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These easy ways to change your look allows you to contrive something personal and custom thus making your fashion sense one-of-a-kind. Try these simple hacks to improve your style and let everyone note the fashionable upgrade.


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