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Dressing for an Interview?? – What Not to Wear

Once you get a confirmation for a job interview, the first thing that goes through your mind is your appearance. It’s said the first impression really matters, and you will definitely want to make a good first impression with how you look as soon as you walk into that interview room. Below is a guide on what not to wear when dressing for an interview.

                              What Not to Wear to an interview

What not to wear to an interview1) Sandals, flip flops and sneakers

There’s an old saying that goes. You can tell almost everything about a person by the shoes they wear. You can now imagine what you will be illuminating about yourself when you walk in an interview room in a pair of flip flops or sneakers. It is, therefore, advisable to get the right pair of shoes for an interview to give you a fully presentable look.

2) Too much cologne

Bear in mind that you do not the interviewers’ panel on a personal level, therefore, you have no idea if they have an allergic reaction to certain scents or whether they are easily irritated by too much perfume. You will, therefore, be forced to opt for a mild scent or no perfume at all, after all, it is wise to play safe. You could also get a simple deodorant and forget about the cologne.

3) Too much makeup

Makeup is meant to improve your beauty and not intended to draw unnecessary/unwanted attention to your face. When dressing for an interview, opt for a more natural and flowy look. Avoid the smoky eyes, the fake lashes, and the screaming lip color. Make sure you draw less or no attention at all to your makeup. You could, however, opt for a simple mascara, minimum foundation and a tinted lip balm. If you want to add some eyeshadow, opt for a natural color and apply it at a minimum.

4) Too much jewelry

As women, we love to accessorize but going overboard and playing around with jewelry for an interview is a wrong move. Tone down your jewelry for this one. Instead of going for the loops and chandelier earrings, choose to go with beautiful small studs. Avoid big chunky necklaces and opt for a small presentable necklace or none whatsoever. On your wrists go with a nice watch or bracelet and avoid colorful chunky bangles. If you have more than one piercing on your ears or any other, maybe an eyebrow or lip piercing do not put them on. Go for a simple and sophisticated look.

5) Stained clothes

Yes, I know it is during such days that the worst happen! You spilled tea or coffee on your blouse/ shirt you were walking to the interview when a driver decided to splash mud on you. It happens to the best of us. Stained clothes may show a lack of responsibility, and you do not want your future employer to think that. Try always to have a backup plan when setting aside your interview outfit because anything can happen.

6) Earphones

You may want to relax your mind before an interview by listening to some music on your way to the interview. However, be sure to take them off before you enter the building. Having the earphones on maybe be a source of distraction as you may not hear your name being called out when it’s finally your turn, and that will definitely not portray the best impression.

7) Revealing clothes

Avoid showing too much to your potential employer. Button up and consider your skirt/dress length. Revealing clothes maybe a distraction to the panel and may also be offending, so try to cover up and still bring out a simple and great look.

The secret in choosing the right outfit is to avoid the wrong ones.


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