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How to Dress Different Body Shapes

Dressing up can be easy or complicated depending on whether you know your body shape or not. Getting to know your body shape is the biggest favor a woman could do for herself. It allows you to shop for the outfits that work nicely for your body shape therefore giving you a balanced body look. There are diverse kinds of body shapes including the pear, the hourglass, the apple, the inverted triangle, the rectangle and the lean column.

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1) The apple shape

The apple shape, also known as the circle shape body, tends to have gained weight around the waistline. It requires that you wear clothes that fit loosely around the midsection to conceal the full waist line and remain snugly on other parts. This body shape works well with monochromatic looks, and empire tops and dresses that tend to conceal the tummy bulge. With this body, it is important to avoid outfits that draw attention around your midsection like the high waist pants, slim belts and tight tops and dresses.

2) The hour glass

The hourglass body shapes are characterized by an ample chest, a narrow waist, and a full but not so broad hips. This shape is usually evenly proportioned. With this body shape, it is important to choose outfits that work well with your natural curves and not the ones that work against them. This body shape requires an outfit that flatters all the curves and one that is of the right size. Wearing a small sized outfit brings out a shady look and makes you uncomfortable and unable to bring out the confidence. With the hourglass body shape, avoid oversized cardigans, tunics and baby-doll like type of dresses.

3) The pear shape

The pear body shapes also known as the triangle body shapes are usually characterized by torso and shoulders that are narrower than the hips. With the pear body shape try to emphasize on your waist and arms, add more volume to your shoulders and the upper body to minimize your hips. A well-structured top or jacket that plays up with the shoulders, evens out and balances the lower body’s proportions.  The best type of tops for this body shape are the boat neck tops with a wide neckline that broadens the shoulders and gives a balanced look. Avoid skinny jeans and pants, oversized and shapeless sweaters and body-hugging fabric like silk.

4) The rectangle

The rectangle body shapes are characterized by having little definition around the waist. The straight up down figure is usually described as the boyish shape. With this body shape, it is advisable to opt for styles that fit snugly at your waist line but flare out at the bottom be it a skirt or a pair of pants to bring out the curves. It is, therefore, important to get outfits that accentuate the waist like feminine tops and fitting jackets. Avoid overall tight dresses or those that are extremely flowy and unstructured around the waistline.

5) The inverted triangle

The inverted triangle is also called the wedge body shape. It is characterized by a broad chest and wide shoulders in proportion to narrow waist and hips. With the inverted triangle body shape, it is important to learn how to accentuate the midsection and draw attention to the waistline and the hips by softening the chest and shoulders. You can wear bright colored clothes on the bottom, wide-leg pants or full skirts. You could also try out on the high waist styles with the pants or skirts. With this body shape, avoid boat neck and spaghetti tops as they tend to concentrate on the broad chest and wide shoulders more.


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