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Day to Night Outfits – From Work to Party

We all have those days when we feel like hanging out with friends or hitting your favorite bar after a long day at work, but there is no fun in doing so if you are still in your women’s work outfits. However, there are workplaces that allow their employees to work with few work-appropriate styles yet there are others that allow you to be creative with your outfits and others that have a strict office dress code. If you work for the later, here are some cute day to night outfits and ideas that will take your nine-to-five office style into the night.

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Day to Night Outfits to Have in Your Wardrobe

1. Drinks with friends

Do you have plans on having a couple of drinks with your friends after work? Instead of having to go home and change the entire outfit to have a night out look, there are cute night outfits to try. Get rid of the shirt and wear a spaghetti top or if you have a vest on the inside, leave it on. Give your day to night outfits an edge by having some snazzy earings and if you are in heels, keep them on.

day to night outfits

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2. Dinner plans

Do you happen to have dinner plans after work but the hustle of going back home to change your outfit too much? Your office shirt will work perfectly as day to evening outfits. Choose classic and great color of even a stripped one that morning before leaving for work and a nice pair of women’s heels. If your work doesn’t allow you to work in heels, just carry them in your bag for the evening. Also, try getting a standout lip shade after work and you’ll be good to go.

day to night outfits

3. Fancy and formal evening

Have to attend a black tie event after work? Be sure to wear day to night dresses that do not crease. Also, make sure to get a classic color for the dress that doesn’t draw too much attention at work and during the event. Add a nice coat and a classy pair of heels will sure come in handy.

day to night outfits

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These day to night outfits are ideal ideas to go out with friends after work. You can still use your work clothes as night club outfits and be partish and stylish!


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