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How to Cut a Shirt Into a Tank Top

Being on a tight budget does not mean you have to go without those tank tops you so desire. All you need to have are some old shirts you do not wear any longer from the closet or dresser and the knowledge of how to cut a shirt into a tank top that is unique, yet fashionable. With the simple steps on how to cut a shirt into a tank top below, you should be able to turn any shirt you want into a new piece of clothing you will love.

                         How to Cut a Shirt into a Tank Top Easily

cut a shirt into a tank top

1.  Choose the right shirt

Choose out a shirt that fits your style. Maybe the shirt is a button down dress shirt, an old sports jersey, simple, classic tee-shirt, or a long sleeve flannel shirt. Then you can head to the next step for how to cut a shirt into a tank top.

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2. Get the necessary materials

Gather the materials and supplies you will need for turning the shirt you desire into a tank top. The supplies are fabric scissors, needle, and thread, sewing pins or a sewing machine with thread. Choose any colored thread you please. If you want thick stitches in the tank top for a unique style and design use thick thread, but if you want the tank top to come out looking flawless like stitches never ever touched the handmade tank use thin thread.

3. Cut the sleeves off the shirt

Next cut each sleeve off the shirt along the original shirt stitch line. Doing this how to cut a shirt into a tank top step exactly how it is stated is essential for creating a flawless looking tank.

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4. Fold the edges

Once the sleeves are removed from the shirt, fold the edges where you cut the sleeves off from about a ¼ of an inch into the shirt and pin it up with sewing pins.

5. Sew the edges carefully

Sew the edges in carefully with a sewing needle and thread with the stitches you desire, or with a sewing machine, so it looks like the armholes of the tank top were never cut. After your homemade tank top is ready to wear.

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As you can see, with this how to cut a shirt into a tank top guide, creating a handmade tank top out of old shirts can happen with ease and still look stylish and new. Best of all, this how to cut a shirt into a tank top guide will save you money since you won’t have to buy new tank tops for your wardrobe. Then, you can share the how to cut a shirt into a tank top guide with friends.


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