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Top 6 Must-Have Cold Weather Outfits and Winter Essentials

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials


When winter comes knocking at our door, it’s easy to leave fashion by the wayside in favor of remaining warm and toasty. It’s wet, it’s cold, and you don’t have as much energy since you used it by shoveling snow twenty minutes ago. But, what if I told you that there is a way that you can layer and still look just as chic as you do during spring, summer, and fall? Well, there is a trick on how to layer in winter and still look chic using different cold weather outfits, but fortunately, it isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think.

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Must-Have Cold Weather Outfits for Winter Fashion

1. Get a Cute Winter Coat

First and foremost, you’re going to want to invest in one sturdy and warm winter coat. It’s one of the staple cold weather outfits for ladies that you can’t go without.  Things to think about when buying your winter coat are:

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion


  1. Pick a coat that looks good on you, try it on when you’re in the store. Just because it fits the mannequin, doesn’t mean that it will suit your body type and vice versa.
  2. Buy a coat that is going to be appropriate for your area’s weather. If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, make sure it’s meant to withstand the coldest temperatures. Whereas if you live in an always sunny spot, purchasing a light jacket should suffice.
  3. Pick a neutral color that suits your winter wardrobe essentials. Black, white, or earth tones are great for coats since they will fit more naturally into your layered wardrobe.
  4. Choose only what you’re willing to invest in. Coats can be pricy, but try not to skimp on the quality of your outerwear.

2. Get a nice Hat or Beanie

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion

A cute yet warm hat should be your next staple winter outfit when layering to look chic. Wrap up cutely with this functional yet practical women’s cold weather fashion piece to keep your head warm.

  1. Again, make sure you choose a neutral toned hat that will compliment your coat.
  2. Make sure that it will keep you warm.
  3. Knits are always a great investment.

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3. Get yourself a scarf

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion - scarf


This is where the fun comes in. You don’t have to pick a neutral scarf, or even just one. Get a scarf that will play well off of all of your winter outfits. As one of the essential cold weather outfits for women, a scarf not only helps to keep you warm, but will help to draw some color into your look as well.

4. Get a pair of gloves

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion - gloves


Gloves are the next essential accessories in winter layering. They, of course, serve the purpose of keeping your hands warm, but can also help to bring the chic level of your cold weather clothing up a notch or two. Don’t spend a couple of dollars on these, it’s easy to go cheap, but it isn’t going to add anything to your look. A nice pair of lined leather gloves will help to liven up any winter outfit for women.

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5. Choose shoes that fit well with your outfit

Your cold weather clothes can’t be complete without a perfect pair of shoes, boots or heels that fit your look seamlessly. Get waterproof and comfortable winter shoes that keep your feet dry and warm.

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion - waterproof ankle boots


  1. Choose shoes that cover more skin. Closed toe shoes such as boots, tennis shoes, or ballet flats.
  2. Wear shoes that complement your cold weather outfits.
  3. Make sure to pick shoes that will work with your weather conditions.

6. Thermals, tights, and leggings are your friends

cold weather outfits and clothing essentials winter fashion - winter leggings


These wardrobe under-layers will help to boost your look and your warmth tenfold. Additionally, they are versatile enough to experiment with different winter outfit ideas for women.

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The trick to layering looks for winter is to not make it too bulky, while it may be tempting to wear several sweaters to keep warm, layering several thin layers of cold weather outfits will achieve the same warmth while maintaining a higher appeal. Remember, you can always take off layers later, but, you can’t put more on if you find that you’re chillier than you were when you left the house for your day to begin.


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