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7 Clothes Shopping Tips for Guys

It can be a real challenge when shopping for affordable and stylish clothing for most men. Women are better at doing this sort of things while it is torture for men. So listen up, here are some clothes shopping tips for guys.

Simple Clothes Shopping Tips for Guys

Clothes Shopping Tips for Guys

Source: Menaxis

1. Buy Fitting Clothes

For my clothes shopping tips for guys article, I’ll put these as a cardinal rule. There is nothing flattering about wearing baggy clothes or clothes that are too small for your physic. Make sure you buy clothes that hug the shape of your body.

2. Accessorize

Most men don’t wear a lot of accessories, and that is why you need to use your functional pieces such as shoes, ties, socks and belts as accessories. Mind the details, do not wear a brown belt with black shoes. Color coordinate your belt and shoes. Among the clothes shopping tips for guys, one of the most important things is to have a plain black leather belt and black leather shoes because you can never go wrong with that.

3. Don’t Follow Trends

Many people make the mistake of buying clothes that are trending only to be left with clothes you don’t wear because the trend has ended. Only wear clothes that you like. Simplicity is key, buy clothes that are timeless because most men cannot afford to buy new clothes every two months.

4. Never Wear Matching Clothes

The only matching clothes a man should have are a tuxedo or a suit. Wearing matching clothes makes you look like you do not have other clothes. In fact, choosing the right colors should be part of the clothes shopping tips for guys.

5. No Short Shorts

I can’t forget to include these in my clothes shopping tips for guys article, and all I have to say is, if your shorts are above your knees, get rid of them immediately, in addition, you are prohibited from wearing you cargo shorts anywhere else remotely non-casual.

6. Tees with Logos

Avoid it, if necessary run as fast as you can from tees with logos. When you walk with a huge logo on a shirt, you look like a big billboard for the company that gave you that shirt. Invest in some polo and V-neck tees.

 “A golden fashion can be destroyed utterly with an unkempt beard. Make sure your facial hair is in order so that your style has maximum effect”.

I hope these Clothes shopping tips for guys will be helpful when you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe.


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