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Tips for Buying Clothes Online From Jumia Kenya

Gone are the days when you would go shopping for clothes in local stores and flea markets. Anyways, that’s still a common method, especially if you need to employ your bargaining skills. There are many people who have opted to buy clothes from Jumia Kenya, but became reluctant when it dawns on them that they know little about online shopping. Jumia Kenya is a fast growing online shop that offers a broad collection of products, including clothing. To make the experience hassle-free and simple for new shoppers, here are some tips for buying clothes online from Jumia Kenya.

Know Your Size and Shape

Try to image that situation when the delivery man arrives and it happens that the clothing does not fit your size and shape. Such situations can be spoilers, especially when you are planning to wear your new clothing to a special event. So, before you place an order from Jumia Kenya, know your body size and shape. Seek help to determine your correct size before shopping dresses online on Jumia.

Read the Product Description

Many online shoppers overlook the importance of reading product descriptions, which can be a terrible mistake. Like other online stores, Jumia Kenya offers descriptions of each clothing listed on the site. This allows buyers to determine if the clothing meets their particular interests and preferences. Additionally, product descriptions provide useful information about the product, including dinner gowns on Jumia.

Take Advantage of Vouchers/Discounts

From time to time, Jumia Kenya offers coupons/discounts to reduce the cost of products. Other coupons are aimed for shoppers who buy products exceeding a specified amount. Jumia Kenya is known to offer coupons during holidays and other special events, such as Jumia Kenya Black Friday and Jumia fashion clearance, so plan your shopping accordingly to enjoy these benefits when they become available. If you refer friends to Jumia, you get a free Ksh300 coupon for each friend you refer. Downloading the Jumia Kenya mobile app or subscribing to their newsletter also earns you a voucher.

Shop by Brand

When buying clothes online from Jumia Kenya, consider shopping by brand as it allows you to make a sound decision. Jumia Kenya offers clothes from different brands including Ethina, Rayce, Lily, Adaa Couture, Elegant Fashions, Candy Crush, Malika Fashion House, Tuti among others. Shopping by brand and then narrowing down to style, price and other features helps you to compare clothing carefully. You can also choose to go with popular brands or local brands.

Buying clothes online from Jumia Kenya is an exciting experience if you know exactly what is best for you. Take the time to view the site and pick clothing that suits your interests. The good thing is that you can pay on delivery when the product arrives.

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