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Where to Buy Wedding Dresses in Kenya

So your big day has finally dawned or is about to, and the question comes; where do you go for that unique and cheap wedding dresses? Well, depending on your preferences and style needs, you are going to need a proper shopping venue to get the detail and sense of perfection you want for your wedding. The top designs and personalized or custom touches are what defines a unique wedding dress. It, therefore, becomes crucial to find the right shop to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

buy wedding dresses in Kenya


Places to Buy Wedding Dresses in Kenya

1. All Divas Weddings

Boasting of some of the top designs, All Divas Weddings has built a name in classic bridal solutions. This especially comes in planning and designing some of the high-profile wedding dresses in the market. Timely delivery of orders also makes this a prime place to buy wedding gowns in Nairobi.

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2. Wedding Belles_Kenya

If you are looking for the perfect blend of your wedding gown and bridal theme, then you may want to check this place out. Having some of the close-knit designs and finishes has made the shop a favorite among clients. Wedding Belles also offers bridesmaids deals on every gown.

3. The Perfect BRIDE

Finding exclusive designs and custom made finishes in a dress was a challenge for would-be brides. This is where The Perfect Bride drew their inspiration from. So if you are looking personalized dress solutions made to fit different tastes makes The Perfect Bride the key place to be.

4. Dimba Bridal

Matching your dress to the accessories is always a key aspect of making your wedding gown work. This is where Dimba Bridal comes in with the special touch of beautiful pieces. From bridesmaids handbags to neck pieces, Dimba pretty much has it all.

5. Rangeen Collection Kenya

If you are a bit adventurous and open-minded on your preferred look you may check in at Rangeen Collection. The shop offers some of the most outstanding pieces inspired by world-class styles. This has made them a go-to place for those seeking an excellent touch on their wedding dress styles.

6. GR Collections

Ensuring the right fit and getting it all right is the basis of their wedding gown designs. From custom knit pieces to lovely bridesmaids fusing themes, GR Collections has got you covered. There is also a special complimentary gift plan on the wedding gown. Professional services have built the tendency for clients to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

7. Divine Bridal Couture

A reputable run in the bridal scene and timely delivery of their dresses are just two of the reasons why this place rocks. From experts offering insights on your dress designs and fitting, to accessories they have all aspects covered.Divine Bridal Couture is one of those top places that you can get a perfect bargain when buying a wedding dress in Kenya.

8. Afro Elegance Bridal Collections

If you are looking for in-depth designs and details to your wedding gown then this is definitely the place for you. Their designs and finishes come with a host of glimpses of professional cuts and finishes. This, of course, depending on your tastes. So if you want to buy a wedding dress in Kenya with an illustrious touch, you’re sorted here.

9. Lazuli Bridal

Getting that distinguished appeal on your wedding dress shouldn’t be a hassle, and Lazuli Bridal knows this. That’s why they pride themselves in having some of the top-notch finishes and blueprints in their dresses. Affordable deals also make them a go-to place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

10. Zuri Brides

A wide range of exquisite designs and a close involvement with the clients in the creation makes them a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. Zuri brides offer an established creative team to make sure every detail falls into place. An in-house designer ensures all the patterns and plans on your dress do more than just materialize.Their planning services are also a cut above the rest.

11. Hawi Creations

Hawi Creations is one of the premier design houses that specialize in not only bridal gowns but also official and African Wear. Having some of the most discerning finishes and details in their pieces has made them a key place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. They also cater for different tastes and themes on the gowns and bridesmaids outfits and accessories.

12. Bridal Beginnings, EA

Having one of the widest reach and client bases in East Africa makes them a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. Bridal Beginnings EA offers some of the most polished wedding gowns in Nairobi. An in-house designer and a team of specialists make sure that the final piece is made to perfection.

13. Marina Bridal

A carefully sought-out structure and design team ensures the right combination of that perfect wedding gown. Marina Bridal offers this and some personalized touches when one intends to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. They also import world-class dresses from Europe and around the world for those seeking a fine touch in their preferences. Affordable deals and price ranges have made their client base grow.

14. Jerm Creations & Events Planners

An all-around wedding scope gives them a wide reach in bringing forth that meticulous touch in their dresses. They have a deep reach in creating blending patterns in their designs, from wedding dresses to shoes and even accessories. Enticing deals to their offers on bridesmaids dresses makes them a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

15. Malaika Brides

A stunning array of designs and elegant finishes in their structural perfection makes them a top place to buy wedding gowns in Nairobi. Malaika Brides has some of the most striking formats in their designs. They incorporate different elements to bring out that much-needed subtle elegance. So standing out on your wedding dress isn’t going to be much of a hassle when it comes down to their work.

16. Jayelle Styles

Offering outstanding professional services drive them to become a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. They have a wide range of accessorized gowns with beautiful glimpses and finishes ensuring that the perfect dress is on point. Jayelle Styles also offers some stylish finishes to the bridesmaids dresses and shoes to match the wedding theme.

17. Nikita bridal

Matching the varying dimensions in style and blending them to give out that complete touch is what distinguishes their dresses from the rest. Nikita Bridal has one of the most resourceful and personalized services in the wedding dress scene. The dresses also have some pretty enticing price tags for those searching for an affordable place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

18. Topa Norah’s Bridal Boutique

A diverse theme of design patterns and finishes has made them a sought after place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. Top Norah’s Bridal Boutique gives insightful tips to would-be brides to maximize their on-point service. Their design range is as detailed as the one’s preferences, and this also depends on the theme of the wedding.

19. Queens Bridal Lounge

If you are searching for chic and stylish yet simple Kenyan wedding dress designs then this is a great place to check out. From outstanding accessories and jewelry to beautiful finishes, Queens Bridal Lounge has an established plan to get it all on point. They also have a wide reach in both Nairobi and Kisumu, making them a convenient place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

20. Bobo Weddings

An extensive reach and a rich design palette has made this place a go-to place for those wanting to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. From wedding planning to ensuring the dress meets the exquisite level of perfection, Bobo Weddings takes it fully in bringing it all together. Their range includes a design plan to match different tastes and preferences.

21. Arban Floral & Gift Centre

Standing out in their services is no problem for these guys. They are professional florists that also have a Midas touch when it comes to wedding dress designs. Arban Floral has become a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya largely due to their floral inspired services and a timely delivery of their products.

22. Roselidah Designs

Designs come in a wide spectrum of elegant aspects from detail to finishes. This is what the wedding dresses by Roselidah embody. From the simple to the outstanding, it’s easy to meet your preferred look and taste ahead of your big day. A full catalog of insightful wedding dress design and a helpful team makes this a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya.

23. LoBobo Weddings

From African-inspired designs to the chicest expressions, Lebobo Weddings has it under their wings. Wedding dresses that are themed on timelessness and simple elegance are the specialty that emanates here. Their event planning is also a plus if you’re looking for the complete bridal organizing team.

24. Ultimate Bride

Managing a profound color scheme and a beautiful design ethic is a key factor in determining the quality of your big day. Ultimate Bride as a leading place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya has a some of the loveliest of dress designs and the accompanying bridesmaids themes. This has made them bring out some of the most original pieces that create the intended style portrait for the perfect wedding day.

25. Standout Bridal

Well, the name pretty much says it all. Their pieces speak clearly of unique and perceptive wedding dress insights. If you are searching for the edgy and clear-cut touch to your piece, then this place gets it. Having a reputation for delivery and service has made them a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. Their jewelry catalog is worth checking out too.

26. Lil’s Bridal

An all-around creative wedding solutions provider is what Lil’s Bridal shop is. Their wedding dress catalog is only rivaled by the huge variety of accessories and stylish jewelry. Their designs range from custom-preferred to the template pieces. Their bridesmaid’s details are also quite stylish and centered on different inspired designs.

27. Mattwood Bridal & Events

Getting that perfect wedding gown can be quite an adventure if you have the right selection of designs. Mattwood Bridal understands the impact that this has and has one of the largest displays of inspiring wedding gowns in Nairobi. The pieces also come with some fascinating deals to meet different budgets, so there isn’t much of an excuse not to stand out on that big day.

28. Lucinda Weddings Kenya

The most intriguing of styles and the closest customer service make Lucinda a preferred go-to place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. Their world-class array of designs and finishes has made them a household name for the closest cuts and most appealing bridal shop in Kenya. The in-house designer brings forth a formidable fashion force to meet the varying tastes for the perfect wedding gown.

29. Gown-A-Bride

Giving some of the most affordable offers and deals gives Gown-A-Bride a clear lead in places to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. The designs also give a varying glimpse to real solutions in the big day’s preparations. They also cater for jewelry and accessories and shoes needs to accompany the dress.

30. Kenya Bridal

Compelling designs and a world-class range of touches and finishes has made Kenya Bridal the ultimate place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. From local designs to international imports, they have all these aspects pretty much sorted for the various needs of a bride’s wedding gown dreams. The delivery is also on a very timely basis to ensure that the timeline for the wedding day is effectively met.

31. Chloe Bridal

Their huge reach based on the affordability and wide range of dress designs has made the shop a favorite among many would-be brides. The accessories gift the whole elegance blueprint to blend with the dress. Their prices are also quite affordable and range depending on the sophistication of the dress’ designs.

32. T&R Bridals and Jewelries

If variety and detail is your eye’s forte then you’ll find nothing short of this on the wedding gowns catalog here. T&R Bridals has beauty and style embedded in their different dresses with a specialty in custom-made pieces. Their bridesmaid’s pieces are also an appealing range of stylish dresses that compliment the bridal gown.

33. AGAPE Bridal Gallery

Having one of the widest reach and the biggest impacts on the wedding scene makes Agape a top place to buy wedding dresses in Kenya. The complete accessories to match the wedding theme also makes this a go-to place for all the wedding needs. So the perfect dress and all the blending aspects are all taken care of if at this wedding haven.

A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride^Carolina Herrera


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