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Where To Buy Second-Hand Clothes In Kenya

Second-hand clothes business in Kenya present the most opportune and easiest ways to make one’s wardrobe stand out. They are cheap and have a huge variety of different people’s tastes in apparel. Second-hand clothes in Kenya also offer high-end luxury items at very attractive deals. The Kenyan fashion scene has seen mitumba clothes as being key to promoting the different and varying style sense of different individuals.

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Places to Buy Second-Hand Clothes in Kenya

1. Gikomba Market

It is the ultimate go-to place for finding the widest range of all matters second-hand clothes in Nairobi. From shoes to dresses, from formal to casual wear, Gikomba market houses the most mitumba wholesalers in Kenya. It also has the most competitive prices as one can get a large number of items on a relatively low budget. It is located on the outskirts of Nairobi’s CBD and it’s accessible via the city’s main roads.

second-hand clothes in kenya - gikomba

2. Toi Market

Located near Adam’s Arcade in Nairobi, it is one of the most accessible and high variety informal markets in Kenya. It boasts of an enormous supply of all manner of mitumba clothes and accessories. The clothes are in various forms of style and assortments and if one looks close enough they might just find real gems to upgrade their wardrobe. The prices are also quite attractive and the best bit comes in bargains.

second-hand clothes in kenya - toi

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3. Muthurwa Market

It’s one of the most structured markets for cheap clothes in Nairobi. It has a number of stalls stocking different fashion items. There’s a format of organized stalls that have products ranging from shoes to clothes and even unique pieces of jewelry. There’s a good number of Kenyan mitumba wholesalers and all of them have quite attractive deals. The immense variety of products leaves one spoilt for choice.

cheap clothes in nairobi - muthurwa

4. Ngara Market

It is one of Nairobi’s top places to shop for second-hand clothes in Kenya. It has an assortment of intriguing deals for high-quality fashion articles. The clothes are a bit more costly than the other markets above. This is because of the remarkably convenience and higher quality of the mitumba clothes. One will find here a very rich variety of fashion articles on an affordable price range.

second-hand clothes in kenya - Ngara market

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Having a tight budget should, therefore, present no barrier to being stylish. With a little as a thousand shillings, some of the above places can guarantee you stylish second-hand clothes in Kenya. From a pair of shoes to a dress and even a formal look, you are certain to get best deals from top mitumba importers in Kenya. Indulge your creativity and visit one of them if you haven’t already done so.


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