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High Heel Shoes for Women – Building Confidence and Personal Power

High Heels for Women – Beauty, Confidence, Fashion, Power, Sexy, Strong

Women wearing high heels exude these words. Either at work, on the town, or even at home; high heels provide a mainstay in a woman’s wardrobe. A huge range of sizes, colors, styles, and heel heights give the discerning woman an amazing list of choices. Selecting the right one (or two, or three, or a hundred!) can seem a daunting venture. The fun takes shape in the AD-venture in shopping for the perfect shoe to fit each of a woman’s many outfits. Read on for some intriguing descriptions and ideas of finding the seemingly elusive high heels for each occasion.

High Heels for Women at Work

From pumps to stilettos, women who wear them for work enjoy the look and feel high that heels add to a professional career. The improved posture, the sleek extended length of each leg, and the additional tallness; all add measures of confidence to a woman’s demeanor and poise. High heel shoes for women help them feel strong and give them the ability to project the innate soft power and strength throughout everyday activities. Whether leading a company, a team, or beginning a career as a team member; wearing high heels boosts a woman’s professional image.

Wearing high heels at work requires a pinch of taste, a dose of sexiness, and a sense of reality. While hot pink 6-inch stilettos may look sexy and contrast nicely with a professional two-piece navy blue business suit, the effect at the office may end up as more embarrassing than effective. Choosing tastefully styled high heels requires a sense of fashion combined with reality. Ensuring pants (trousers in the UK) extend past the heel of the foot will allow a higher heeled shoe to give the impression of longer looking legs. The shoe color should either match an outfit or contrast it slightly, not outrageously. A woman’s projection of power and strength should emanate from the increased poise and confidence wearing high heels gives her.

High Heels for Women around Town

Girls Night Out, Dancing at the Club, or a Hot Date at the Jazz or Piano bar. Wearing high heel shoes for women on the town extends a woman’s legs and expands her sexiness whether wearing a long evening maxi or a short mini dress. Adding to the sexy look high heels provide, a woman gains confidence from the power and confidence they induce. We just need to picture the balanced long-legged stride required when wearing high heels, the expert high-heeled moves on the dance floor, or the crossed legs sitting on the stool near the jazz band.

Choosing which high heels to buy for nights (or days) on the town gives a woman much more flexibility. Now, wearing the hot pink 6-inch stilettos might fit nicely into the evening’s festivities. 🙂 If a girls night out is in the cards, then the heels should match the outfit and demand a compliment from your girls. If clubbing, choosing a hot looking set of high heels should rule the choice but the shoes should also be strong enough to withstand the twisting, banging, and other movements on the dance floor. High heels for a hot date should help highlight the legs and be easy to remove.

High Heel Shoes for Women at Home

After wearing high heels at work or a night on the town, taking them off may be the only thing the feet want. However, for women who work from home, work at home, or host events at home; wearing high heels helps confidence in presenting themselves to clients, non-profit volunteers, friends, and neighbors. In fact, the number of people working from home continues to rise and women lead the way in home-based businesses. Keeping comfortable wearing high heels at home helps women make the transition to meeting clients on the road, going to business events, and fundraising much easier.

The terms “high heels for women” means more than the beauty and fashion they provide. High heels give women added confidence from a variety of areas, which in turn improves self-confidence and personal strength. In a professional career, this can translate to success and promotions. At home in business, women remain empowered through wearing high heels.


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