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Four Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers

WordPress has made blogging convenient as well as interesting for bloggers all around the world. It’s now considered one of the magical online publishing medium, which offers flexibility for beginners who are learning how to start a fashion blog. There are many WordPress plugins for bloggers, especially in fashion blogging industry, but it is always difficult to choose the best WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers. In order to guide fashion bloggers in Kenya, we decided to find the best picks to install in your WordPress CMS.

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers to Install

1. TinyMCE Advanced

Do you like Buzzfeed more or any other regular website? Of course, you like to read post on Buzzfeed more than anywhere else due to its fascinating font types, size and the way information is written through visual editing. This WordPress plugin for fashion blogging is famous for its visual editor, which allows Kenyan fashion bloggers to format their text, change the font types and sizes as they wish to. In addition, it can also be used for tables formation, bullet point and customizing the numbering list through the editing tool bar.

Best WordPress plugins for Fashion Bloggers

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Generating organic traffic is one of the most important tasks for bloggers for obvious reasons. This is one of the best WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers for optimizing your blog search and bring organic traffic from Google searchers. It makes the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simple and convenient through automatic readability of posts’ titles, descriptions, keywords and image names etc. All such information is written under the post editing screen options. Additionally, it also assists in making your blog as SEO friendly as possible.

Best WordPress Plugins for fashion bloggers - Yoast SEO plugin

3.  Jetpack

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to use Google analytics as it is complicated and bloggers who don’t have technical knowledge about it get confused. Similarly, sometimes, fashion bloggers are not able to integrate Google analytics with their WordPress dashboard to look at your blog’s statistical figures and analyze its status. In this case, you can use Jetpack plugin which conveniently allow you to see blog statistics through your WordPress dashboard along with it additional features including grammar and spell check, email subscription service, innovative mobile theme, social sharing options and such other options.

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion bloggers - JetPack WordPress Plugin

4. Simple Social Icons

Social media platforms are today considered the most important source of traffic and helps to learn how to promote a fashion blog. Simple Social Icons plugin, as one of the best WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers, allows fashion bloggers in Kenya to add widgets on their blog posts and get their readers the sharing options for different social network if they like posts. You can add these icons on your homepage, under the menu or can also use the footer space to place social sharing icons and that too with full customization facility.

Best WordPress Plugins for Fashion Bloggers - Simple Share Buttons wordpress plugins

These are the four best WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers in Kenya and they must be using them on regular basis in order to bring more traffic and getting convenient at WordPress fashion blogging.


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