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Best Women’s Short Hairstyles for an Edgy Look

One of the most difficult lengths of hair to find best women’s short hairstyles for, choosing the perfect hair ideas for short hair can be a bit of a challenge. Indeed, while there is a plethora of hair ideas for short hairstyles for women, very few are universal in that they can be worn by the vast majority of women. Are you looking for the cute hairstyles for older women to bring out your features or just make you stand out in general? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Best Women’s Short Hairstyles to Know

1. The Mohawk/ Fauxhawk

An epic, edgy, and unisex selection, Mohawks are a fun class of cuts that seem to just scream, “fun”! One of the best hair ideas for short hairstyles for black women, many see this as a go-to style when cutting one’s hair. Perfect for rock stars and rock stars at heart, try this cut on for size if you are into the arts or simply have a trendy work environment.

best women's short hairstyles - Mohawk for black women

2. Chopped and Colored

Another hip and unisex creation, a simple cut with a splash of color is edgy enough for the club, but often still considered one of the cute and best women’s short hairstyles for work. However, word to the wise: consider the color you choose very carefully. Blue is great for going out, but your employer may not have the same views.

]Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - Chopped and colored

3. Short and Shaggy

The quintessential student cut, short and shaggy cuts are one of the top short hairstyles for black women. A great option for younger people and those who prefer a less polished looked, shaggy cuts are preferable as they are stylish and low maintenance.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - short and shaggy

4. Punk Glam

A short style that marries both punk and glam, this short hairstyle for women is great for those who work in the hair and beauty industry, or for anyone who is simply seeking a unique cut. There is no right or wrong way to achieve this style; just makes sure it suits you. It is one of the ideal short hairstyles for fine hair.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - Punk Glam

5. The Bob

A classic cut for women of all backgrounds, a bob is one of the best women’s short hairstyles. Perfect for women who like trendy styles, but also enjoy classic styles, the bob is a cut that can be styled in an array of fun or understated ways.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - angled bob

6. The Pixie Cut

Another unisex option, the pixie cut is a cute style that is low maintenance and can be worn by virtually anyone. Keep is cute and classy and leave it as is or add a splash of color to make it edgier, this is a great option in terms of best women’s short hairstyles.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - pixie hair cut

7. Short and Spiky

A fun and bold way to wear your short hair, spiky hair has long since been revered as one of the best women’s short hairstyles for over 40. Wear it in your natural color or spice is up with some highlights or a full dye job, this style is always fun and trendy.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - short and spiky

8. The Buzz Cut

A cut that has evolved over the years, the buzz cut is one of the most popular unisex short women’s hairstyles. Whether you dye it, wear designs, or just go for the plain (G.I.) Jane look, there is a buzz cut out there for everyone. The epitome of hair ideas for short hair, women typically take to this hairstyle for short hair as it promotes a sense of freedom and contentment with one’s self.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women - The buzz cut

Overall, the best women’s short hairstyles tends to vary from person to person. However, no matter who you are, where you work, or who you hang out with, at least one of these latest short hairstyles is bound to be perfect for you!


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