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Best Vacation Makeup Bags to Carry With You

When going on a travel vacation, most women like to have all their makeup handy and to keep to the latest fashion trends for women. For that reason, perhaps now is the time to find that perfect and stylish makeup case to fit your individual needs. There is a vast collection of designer makeup bags to choose from depending on your taste. Perhaps one of these is the best vacation makeup bag for you.

Best Vacation Makeup Bags to Add to Your Shopping List

1. Caboodles IT Heartthrob Bag

The Heartthrob Bag is one of the best vacation makeup bags on the market. This sleek bag has a handy zipper closure and attractive design all in shades of black. It’s two carrying handles allow it to be carried easily when you’re in transit on your vacation. The interior of this makeup case is spacious and well-organized with a removable divider, seven elastic pockets for storage, four side pockets and a multiple number of elastic storage bands. All this fits nicely into its size of 7” x 11” x 7”.

Caboodles IT Heartthrob Bag - Best cosmetic bags

2. Caboodles Bling Thing

Another great Caboodles cosmetic bag is also one of the best vacation makeup bags designed for all types of travel. This cosmetic bag is unique since it is actually three bags nestled into one large outer, clear bag. The clear outer bag measures 10.75” x 3.5” x8”. Inside are three smaller bags to allow you to organize your makeup into them. The two handles are convenient for carrying as you travel. Being soft to the touch makes it easy to pack into your suitcase for travel.

Caboodles Bling Thing - Best cosmetic cases

3. Caboodles Sassy ‘it’ Makeup Bag

The outer bag pattern in pink and black lace is sure to catch your eye with its sexy look. This makeup bag with pockets has a zipper that enables you to be confident that when rushing and going through airports or train stations this bag isn’t going to snap open. For ease in carrying, the two handles are convenient. The spacious open interior provides you with plenty of room for all your makeup supplies, and the removable divider helps with the organization to keep all your items easy to find. For further help with organization, there are seven elastic storage pockets in the interior and four-side pockets as well. A number of elastic storage bands are also handy for organization. The bag measures 9.25” L x 7.5” W x 7.25” H. Since this bag is rated with 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars on Amazon, we can certainly consider it one of the best vacation makeup bags.

Caboodles Sassy ‘it’ Bag - Best vacation makeup bags

4. Caboodles Stylist Train Case, Black Lace over Silver

For vacations such as a 14-day cruise, you most likely need personalized makeup bags that offer ultimate storage. This makeup case may be just what would suit your needs. Its sophisticated black lace over silver exterior sports a unique, stylish look. When it comes to organizational needs, six rising, cantilever trays of many levels do the trick. This large, 11.5-inch case is not only stylish but is also sturdy and durable enough to withstand all the turmoil of travel. Amazon rates this case with 4 stars out of 5 indicating that it is one of the best vacation makeup bags.

Caboodles Stylist Train Case - Best cosmetic bags

5. Coquette Makeup Case

For a younger look, the Coquette Makeup Case inspired by the 1960s would certainly fit the taste of the high school or college age girls. The case is adorned with heart shape pulls on its outside zipper. The flashy outside pattern of flowers galore and youthful chicks gives a unique and trendy appearance. A matching mirror inside the case, is handy for a quick touch up when traveling. The bag measures 8.75” x 6.25” x 6”. This case is sold at Jessica’s Unique Gift Shop online. This bag is one of the best vacation makeup bags for the young.

Coquette Makeup Case - Best cosmetic cases

6. Nine West Glitter Mob Cosmetics Case

This faux leather personalized cosmetic bag is offered in two floral patterns and one solid. Silver-tone hardware and logo are featured on the exterior. Two top zip pockets are features of the interior case measuring 8” W x 4 ½” H x 2” D. Additionally, this cosmetic bag makes a perfect makeup case to carry with you.

Nine West Glitter Mob Cosmetics Case -best vacation makeup bags


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