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Best Perfumes for Men You Should Try

One of the most overlooked elements of grooming and hygiene, being a good-smelling man is a characteristic that is extremely underrated. Nevertheless, it’s much easier than you think. There are many best perfumes for men that you can opt for. By simply practicing good hygiene and finding the perfect beauty products for men to accentuate your natural essence, you’ll smell amazing all the time.

Here Are Top Best Perfumes for Men

7. Versace Eros

A minty mixture of citrus, cedarwood, and other awesome scents, Versace Eros is one of the best smelling, popular perfumes for men, according to both sexes. A fragrance that just screams “Sexy!”, wear this sparingly unless you’re looking to create a stampede!

best perfumes for men - Versace Eros

6. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Cologne

A fresh smelling cologne with hints of rosemary and bitter citrus, among other, no need to be bombarded with the details, just be advised, this cologne smells wonderful! A manly scent that seems to be a favorite amongst the ladies, Giorgio Armani has long since been known to make some of the best perfumes for men.

best perfumes for men - Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Cologne

5. Vintage by John Varvatos

A sensual yet masculine scent, Vintage by John Varvatos is a strong, spicy, and warm fragrance that is perfect for the wonderfully groomed working man. With hints of cinnamon, pepper, and smooth woods, you’ll smell like a gentleman with one of the most popular perfumes for men on the market.

best perfumes for men - Vintage by John Varvatos

4. Unforgivable by Sean Jean

A one-of-a-kind cologne with hints of birch leaf, tangerine, green mandarin, juniper, and basil, among others, Unforgivable by Sean Jean is a manly fragrance that wins over women with ease. Perfect for a night out, be sure to dress the part and this scent will do the rest. This is by far one of the best perfumes for men.

best perfumes for men - Unforgivable by Sean Jean

3. Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male

Highly revered for its ability to fuse contrasting scents such as mint and warm vanilla with sweet pepper and grapefruit, this highly distinctive scent is perfect for distinguished gentlemen of all kinds. Another of the most popular perfumes for men, where this to the office, on a date, or on a boys night out and you’ll be turning curious heads all night long.

best perfumes for men - Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male

2. Fierce- Abercrombie and Fitch

A soft yet masculine scent comprised of lemon, cardamom, orange, musk, fir, and rosewood, this Abercrombie scent is by far one of the best perfumes for men. As great smelling as it is unique, where this whenever you want to stand out with style.

best perfumes for men - Fierce- Abercrombie and Fitch

1. Brit Play by Burberry

A fresh scent loaded with juniper, verbena, cedar, and leather, Burberry Brit Play is a classic scent for a classic man. A great scent for executives and bosses of all kinds, this remains one of the top popular scents for men because it simultaneously bold and understated.

best perfumes for men - Burberry Brit Rhythm

Overall, the best perfumes for men are often the ones that attract the most women. Therefore, when in doubt, refer all questions to an estrogen-charged professional to help in choosing the right beauty products for men.


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