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5 Best Maxi Dress Patterns To Try Out

Women can wear different maxi dress styles to bring out their adorable and flattering looks. A maxi dress can fit practically any event. The dresses are floor length and are made to fit the event, wedding, picnics, and more. The possibilities are endless. Looking for a weekend wear? Maxi dress patterns are fashionable and stylish to wear. Listed are five of the best maxi dress patterns.

Best Maxi Dress Patterns and Styles

 1. Long sleeve

Maxi dresses can come in many shapes. One of the best maxi dress patterns is a long sleeve pattern. For a cool spring day consider a long sleeve look. You can adjust the dress with different maxi styles, like floral, or line patterns, and top it off with a thick belt.


2. Drawstring

A maxi dress doesn’t necessarily need a belt. You can change the look with a drawstring. The drawstring is a relax look and comfortable. A drawstring pattern is one of the best maxi dress patterns.Tank top


3. Tank top

A very popular and one of the best maxi dress patterns is the tank top pattern. An easy dress to sew is the tank top maxi dress. The dress is sleeveless on top and has the long skirt bottom. Change up the look with different colors and belts.


4. Shoulder strap

If you are looking for a more elegant look or something different try sewing a shoulder strap dress. The shoulder strap pattern is absolutely one of the best maxi dress patterns. The one shoulder look changes the look of the dress. You can adjust the look with knots and vary the strap design.


5. Ruffles

Ruffles – Yes ruffles is another on of the best maxi dress patterns. Add a different look by adding ruffles. Ruffles are added to the bottom of the dress and even the sleeves or top to vary the look. Ruffles are fun and can change up the look to your maxi dress creation.


Whether you are going to the beach, a dinner, or any other occasion a maxi dress pattern can give you the look you need. Have fun this weekend sewing that maxi dress from one of the five best maxi dress patterns mentioned or any other possibility.

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