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Finding the Best Hiking Shoes – Men’s & Women’s Hiking Boots

For some, hiking can be a thrilling experience while for others, not so much. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or not, it’s understandable that having the right gear is pivotal in making your journey enjoyable. The upside is that hiking has become a new trend that everyone seems to enjoy these days not only to enjoy the great outdoors but for fitness as well. Because of this, there has been a surplus of hiking boots in the market. This means more choices and not knowing what kind of pair make the best hiking shoes.

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If it’s your first time to purchase a new pair of hiking boots or if you’re in need to replace the old one and have no idea where to begin then read on to find out more.

Finding the Best Hiking Shoes – Men’s & Women’s Hiking Boots 1

Choosing the Best Hiking shoes for Men or Women

1. Type Of Hiking

Before you even decide on what pair to buy, you need to know that not all types of hiking shoes for men can be used in all terrains. You must distinguish the type of terrain and the kind of hike you will frequent because not all pairs can be used in all forms of outdoor activities. Determine if you will do light hiking while carrying a light load, if so, you will need a simple day hiking boots. If it’s on a heavier terrain whilst carrying a heavy load, you will need overnight boots design to withstand tougher surfaces. Knowing the kind of trail or terrain will also help you determine the shoe support and protection you need.

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2. What you need vs What you want

Now that you’ve figured out the type of hiking you will need your shoes for, it’s time to narrow down what you need. Sure, there are many backpacking boots out there in the market especially branded ones that everyone will buy but don’t forget, a shoe that someone else has doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same one you need. Instead of going for the luxury, quality pair that promises multipurpose protection, opt for the best hiking shoes that specialize in what you need. Do you need a pair that’s waterproof? Do you need a pair with more grip? The key is to do your research. See what options you have instead of settling for the pair that promises you that it can do everything for you. Investing in the wrong pair can result in injury.

Finding the Best Hiking Shoes – Men’s & Women’s Hiking Boots

3. Fit

Fitting hiking shoes can be tricky because you’ll never know how the shoe wears unless you’re already out in the open. Fitting your shoes for a few minutes in the store can feel a lot different hours later when you’re wearing it outdoors. Additionally, know what hiking boots for wide feet or narrow feet are perfect.

Make sure you fit your backpacking boots at the end of the day. Never purchase shoes in the morning when your feet have not done much activities. Do it at the end of the day when your feet have swelled to avoid buying shoes that are too small.

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To choose the best hiking shoes, make sure you have the correct size. Ensure that you have an inch space and that a thumb can fit between your feet to the material. When buying shoes, bring along the socks you plan to wear with the boots because this can impact the fit of the boot. If you purchase a pair of hiking shoes without the socks, it might feel a lot different later on when you finally have the socks on.

♦Bonus Tips♦

  • While you’re in the store, try the shoes on for a few minutes. Find an inclined place to walk on or even use the stairs and see how it wears out.
  • It’s important to break in your shoes before a hiking trip. Never wear brand new shoes that are still rigid and have not formed onto your feet yet. Try jogging in your new pair before you even use them for the actual hike.

Finally, here’s a tip from the shoe experts: “Whatever path you walk, may you walk with comfortable shoes.”

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