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Best Hairstyles for Women Worth Trying Out

No matter how modest and down to we are, when we walk into a room, we want to make a lasting statement. Following closely behind the dress, a woman’s hair is the second most important factor of her style. Your hairstyle speaks to your fashion sense, your style, and most of all, your individual personality. If you’re anything like the rest of us, and your hair is at the top of your priority list, then keep the following best hairstyles for women in your bag of fashion arsenal.

Ten Best Hairstyles for Women

1. Beach Waves

Come on, who doesn’t love a blown about, beachy wave? It’s messy, sexy, fresh, and natural looking and one of the best women’s long hairstyles. Oh, and don’t forget all those images it conjures, of salted breeze and cool water against sand. So, just scrunch some conditioner through your strands, spritz with sea-salt spray, and let air dry. Voila, a haphazardly beautiful, summer girl look.

Best Hairstyles for Women

2. Soft Layers

Women’s layered hairstyles are the absolute best way of framing your face, and soft layers make any woman look young, fresh, and sweet. If you’re a little sassier and spunkier than that, try adding a slight little curl to the ends of your layers. Perfect! A beautiful blend of soft, feminine, fun, and free spirited.

Best Hairstyles for Women

3. Blunt Bangs

No matter how you prefer to style your hair; a blunt, straight edged, brow-skimming bang will always look stunning. Straight and sleek, curly and defined… pulled back or left undone; a fringed bang women’s hairstyle leaves you looking prim, proper, and dressed up.

Best Hairstyles for Women

4. Tousled Pixie

The classic Pixie Cut is one of the cutest women’s short hairstyles. Have fun with this one, and play around with various products and textures. You can create a unique flirty look by spritzing your fingers with hairspray and tousling them through individual sections of hair.

Best Hairstyles for Women

5. Angled Bob

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for women of all time. You can certainly see why, with such gorgeous, defined angles flawlessly framing the face. It’s a fun and flirty women’s layered hairstyle, yet it still screams classy and upscale fashion.

Best Hairstyles for Women

6. Long Bob

The “Lob” is a head-turning style that has for long been one of the popular hairstyles for black women. Not only is this a modern, and edgy women’s hairstyle, but it is also very grown-up, and feminine. The best part is, when your hair starts to grow back out, it will remain fresh and beautiful looking.

Best Hairstyles for Women

7. Defined Curls

Every woman dreams of perfectly defined, natural-looking curls. Curls are literally one of the best hairstyles for women; looking perfect in almost any style. Leave them down and wind-blown, for an everyday, comfy, girl next door look; or pin them up in various fashions to create that ever coveted “out to paint the town” or “upscale party” up-do.

Best Hairstyles for Women

8. Two-Toned Curls

Giving your tousled curls two distinct shades of color gives your hair a stunning contrast. With two-tone curls, your hair is sure to pop, and make an everlasting impression. They’ll be talking about you, long after you’ve walked away. You’ll pack a serious punch; with lazing around, bed-roomy, sex appeal.

Best Hairstyles for Women

9. Tapered Layers

Choppy layers are always in style and remains as one of the best women’s layered hairstyles. Add edge and spunk by tapering your layers off a few inches from the bottom. This adds liveliness and movement to the hair, and looks flawless no matter how you part it or style it.

Best Hairstyles for Women tapered layers

10. Smooth Center Part

The smooth center part style is one of the popular hairstyles for women. The straight down the middle, center part is perfect for anyone who wants to look naturally prim, proper, and put together. Or, maybe, you just want the classic, old-school, beauty of long, straight, perfectly parted hair. Either way, a smooth, center part is a refreshing and beautifully women’s long hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles for Women smooth center part

Before making your entrance, try on one of these best hairstyles for women, and you’re guaranteed to make a jaw-dropping statement.


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