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Best Fashion Tips For Women Worth Knowing

Looking truly beautiful and amazing depends on HOW you where a particular dress and not necessarily WHAT you wear. It involves knowing what to expose and what to keep under wraps. What to wear and what accessories to use for a particular style has always been a challenge for many. Ideally, fashion involves following the trend or defining your own unique style. Either way, there are several best fashion tips for women you need to know, especially when shopping to maintain your wardrobe.

                          Best Fashion Tips for Women to Know

Best Fashion Tips for Women

Know your body

Before buying any new clothes, it’s sensible to know your body. This helps to save you the time spent on trying different clothes and allows you to pick the perfect size for your body. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, opt for clothes that highlight such attributes, including dresses and vertical striped outfits. The parts of the body to take into account include the hips, waist, chest and bust.

Hitting the gym works wonders

Try this out and be sure to get a body that compliments the clothes that you desire. I know some people feel tensed when the idea of going to the gym stirs in the mind. But if you desire to create a personal look and design, hitting the gym is the best fashion advice for women to keep in mind. It gives you the confidence to dress what you want and like. So, ensure to create some time to break a sweat.

Be simple

A simple look always gives the best impression wherever you go. So, before stepping out of the door, check your makeup and other accessories. Only use makeup to highlight the best features of the face, such as lips, cheekbones and lips. When not sure what to dress, consider trying out timeless, classic styles. Also, choose wisely whatever you want to wear and use. Keep these best fashion tips for women in mind and be sure to attract attention.

Know your colors

Knowing if your skin undertones are cold or warm helps in figuring the best color for your clothes. If you have a cool undertone, the best can colors include white, silver, black and gray. Warm undertones can compliment well with colors, such as green, gold, red, brown and yellow. It is also necessary to learn matching different colors with accessories and other beauty items.

Choose accessories wisely

The choice of an accessory can either embellish or tarnish your looks; an ideal fashion advice for ladies. Good choice of items, such as jewelry and belts, can truly make a defined statement. Also, overdoing accessories can create another big mess. Just try to avoid creating unnecessary attention by taking ample time to dress fashionably. Remember, keeping everything simple is the best way to achieve a great look.

Try different things

When shopping, trying clothes on to avoid unnecessary situations and hassles after making a purchase is one of the best fashion tips for women. People tend to be lazy or in a hurry when shopping, but trying clothes on can help in the long run. Also, trying new fashion is also a great way to alter your looks and style. This does not mean that you should break your bank. You can opt for pre-worn clothes that are still in good condition.

Dress your age

It may seem off-putting to see a person of 50-somethings dressed in outfits for 20-somethings. Even though one may look great, looking presentable is one of the best clothing tips for women to know. Therefore,  your age should be a determinant in whatever outfits your purchase. Sticking to age appropriate outfits will help you attain a desirable and presentable look. Just don’t try leading a celebrity life (just saying).

Your overall look

Your overall look is one of the most important fashion tips for women. You may want to take a look in the mirror several times before leaving your house. It doesn’t matter how many times you will do it. Check your hair, make-up, accessories, shoes and others things to ensure everything is OK!. Let another person help you dress if necessary. Look in the mirror, and smile.


ModelCredit: Joy Kendi


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