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Basic Wardrobe Essentials for Women to Have

Ever noticed that when the weather is so good you seem not to have anything to wear despite having a full closet? One trick that has been used for the longest time by women is mixing and matching their basic wardrobe essentials. To add on to this, you need to get the best staple shoes and, of course, you have to accessorize the look for it to look edgy. Here are a few tips on the fashion pieces that are a must have for every woman.

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                 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Women Need to Own

basic wardrobe essentials

1. Floral blouse

Having a floral blouse in your closet allows you to mix and match however you want or even pull off one hell of a color blocking style. The floral blouse can be paired with a midi-skirt, pencil skirt, a pastel blazer or even pair of jeans and heels for a clean smart and casual look.

basic wardrobe essentials

2. Trench coat

This is one of the basic wardrobe essentials that you have to invest in. Go for a great color, texture and one that screams class! A trench coat will always make you feel like it was the best purchase you’ve ever made. Comes in handy during the chilly mornings or during a cold night out with friends.

basic wardrobe essentials

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3. Blazer

By blazer, I don’t mean anything old and out of style. You can easily get a pastel blazer which are the latest trend. Choose a blazer that more feminine but soft and one that compliments your skin tone. The blazer can be worn with either official outfits or just a casual outfit with a pair of jeans.

basic wardrobe essentials

4. Dress

You ought to have a couple of dresses in your closet whether you are a fan or not. While shopping for a dress, go for the chiffon fabrics they are something else! Chiffon dresses are the best because they tend to fall over your curves rather than having them cling to your body.

basic wardrobe essentials

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5. Denim shirt

The denim outfits hit the fashion trends pretty hard and they are here to stay. Denim is one of the basic wardrobe essentials in every woman’s closet and especially for the weekends and holidays. Get a nice denim shirt and tuck it in your best jeans, or you can easily wear it over a dress. Don’t forget to add a spectacular pair of heels.

basic wardrobe essentials

6. Converse

The converse are perfect for the weekend or for a day full of errands. They are comfortable to be in and of course very stylish. Wear these closet essentials with a nice pair of jeans and fitting shirt for a relaxed look.

basic wardrobe essentials

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These basic wardrobe essentials are necessary for any fashion conscious lady. You can pair them with other closet essentials for an ideal statement.


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