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5 Bad Skin Habits to Avoid for a Healthy Skin

Everyone wants the beautiful glowing skin. Like those women with flawless, soft looking skin, who make it look so effortless. They seemingly just roll out of bed looking perfect. You can’t help but wonder, how in the world do I get that ever so elusive, perfect glow? The truth is there are a few bad skin habits to avoid to be on your way to a beautiful glowing skin.

Bad Skin Habits to Avoid

Junk in Becomes Junk Out

Yes, of course, we all love our snacks, desserts, and junk foods. However, consuming too much sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol damages and drastically ages your face. These substances dehydrate your body and inflame the skin, resulting in a dull and blotchy complexion. Sugar, when consumed in excess, over time, also breaks down the collagens and elastin in the skin, increasing your chances of wrinkles. Learning some natural beauty tips helps to change the skin for the better.

Yes, You Can Over-cleanse

Failing to wash your skin daily is one of the common bad skin habits to avoid. True, you need to wash your makeup off every single night. However, outside of wiping away makeup, you should cleanse a little less often. Complete washing strips away the natural oils in your skin, and therefore, should be done less often. Instead of lathering up every night and day, try washing your face at night and just rinsing with warm water in the morning.

Exfoliate, But Don’t Irritate

Exfoliation is one of paramount healthy skin habits to beautiful healthy skin. It scrubs away dead skin cells to uncover the fresh new skin beneath. As a common skin habits to avoid, failing to exfoliate guarantees to leave your skin looking dry and faded. With that being said, exfoliation is supposed to feel good, not painful. You can slough away the dead skin cells without hurting your skin. If your exfoliator stings, burns, or leaves the skin red and blotchy, get rid of it… and fast!

Moisturize, Even If Your Skin Isn’t Dry

Many people believe they only need to moisturize if their skin is dry. This is a serious myth, and can be the main culprit of unhealthy skin. You should always apply a moisturizer to your face, no matter how dry your skin is. Moisturizers do a lot more than just hydrate your skin. They also assist in repairing your skin’s defenses, so that it does not become easily irritated by weather conditions. To add an extra layer of protection, look for a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Moisturizing is one of the essential healthy skin habits to always perform.

Pick, Pick, Pick… You’re Going to Regret It

All day long, your hands manage to touch, pull, tug, and pick at your face. This is an awful habit for anyone dreaming of fresh, clean, and glowing skin. As hard as it is, especially if you’re tired, do not rub your eyes. The skin under the eyes is very sensitive, and does not produce oils, so rubbing them stretches the skin; causing puffiness, discoloration, and fine lines. Also, remember to never, ever pick at a pimple. The drainage that oozes from a pimple is nothing more than a liquid mass of bacteria and oil. Picking at them will only do one of two things: push the gunk back into the already infected pore, or drain it into other surrounding pores, ultimately creating even more pimples to form.

The endeavor to clean, clear, and beautiful skin, is a long road of trial and error. While there is a whole mess of other bad skin habits to avoid, these are a few of the biggest and most damaging habits. With just a little persistence, you can break these damaging habits, and quickly find yourself staring back at the reflection, of that ever so elusive perfect glow.


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