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Avocado for Hair and Skin – Knowing the Benefits

We cannot help but feel envious of that one friend or sibling who has the most fabulous hair and flawless skin. It’s our dream to have gorgeous hair and beautiful skin, isn’t it? Natural ingredients have been known to show remarkable results when used for hair and skin. These ingredients are in their purest natural form unadulterated with any kind of chemical enhancers. Avocado is one such fruit which will surprise you with a lot of benefits. The latest trend has been the use of avocado for hair and skin. Let us find out what is the hype all about.

Avocado for Hair and Skin

Avocado, also referred to as an alligator pear because of its color and shape, is a fruit known for its magical beauty and health benefits all around the world. It is native to Central America, Guam and Mexico. This power packed fruit is rich in essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals apart from the fact that it is delicious to eat. The oil of avocado for hair and skin, has shown some miraculous results.


The oil of avocado has a very peculiar nutty aroma and it contains many vitamins such as A, D, E and B6 along with proteins, amino acids, iron and copper, all of which are excellent for our hair and skin. Let’s discuss the advantages of avocados for hair and skin.

Avocado For Hair

Egyptians were the first ones to recognize the goodness in avocados and used them to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. The raw fruit and oil, both are equally effective on hair. The following are the hair benefits of using this butter fruit

1. Moisturizer

Avocado oil gets absorbed quickly into the deep epidermis layer and thus keeps the scalp moisturized which, in turn, makes your hair shiny and soft. It stimulates the hair follicles, thus improving the blood circulation there. It not only helps in treating dry itchy scalp but also helps in de-tangling hair without giving the hair a sticky and greasy look.

2. Revitalizes hair and makes them soft and shiny

Avocado oil is excellent for revitalizing damaged, dry and lifeless hair by moisturizing the scalp and further hydrating the hair follicles leaving hair lustrous, soft to touch and exceptionally shiny. Avocados also contain fats and Omega 3 fatty acids which add on to make hair more shiny and glossy.

3. Aids in getting rid of hair loss

Vitamin B and E work at the cellular level to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. A deficiency of these vitamins in our body is a major cause of hair loss. Vitamin B is important for hair growth and E is essential for repair damage and since avocado is rich in various vitamins such as B and E, it repairs the scalp damage, thereby reducing hair loss remarkably.

4. Promotes hair growth

Avocados are rich in proteins and proteins, as we all know are the building blocks for hair growth. It stimulates hair growth by effectively working on damage repair and nourishment of the scalp and hair follicles.

5. Protects hair

The avocado oil also acts as a shield in protecting the hair from external stresses such as chemicals, sunlight, dust as well as from heat and styling products or tools such as hair straighteners or curling irons.

6. Hair conditioner

As mentioned earlier, this butter fruit, as the name suggests, contains fats and Omega 3 fatty acids which work as an effective hair mask and deep conditioner for hair. The fruit has a creamy consistency and is heavy in nature and massaging the raw fruit paste into the hair will deeply condition your locks giving them a healthy appearance. It will also make hair more manageable as it controls hair frizz.

7. Rescues split ends

Avocado works wonders on dry and brittle hair which further helps in controlling split ends.

Avocado For Skin

The fact that avocados are a great source of vitamin A, B, E, C along with essential fatty acids makes it an amazing ingredient for the skin The fruit can be applied raw onto your skin to experience its various benefits. What are they? Let’s talk about them

1. Nourishes and moisturizes skin

As we already discussed, the oil of avocado is absorbed deep into the skin. This property of the oil nourishes the skin deeply leaving it well-cleansed, supple and nourished by stimulating the circulation of blood in the skin. Also fatty acids such as Omega 3, 9 and oleic acid help in restoring moisture in the skin.

2. Clears the skin and prevents breakouts

Avocados effectively remove dead cells from the skin. The presence of glutamine amino acid in avocados not only cleanses the skin from within, but also provides protection against harsh chemicals. If used regularly, avocados can help in controlling acne and breakouts.

3. Makes the skin healthy

Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and carotenoids present in avocados help in preventing free radical damage and thus significantly helps in keeping skin healthy and nourished. It also improves the skin’s density, tone, thickness and general appearance.

4. Anti-aging and reduces marks and wrinkles

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen and elastin, which binds the skin cells together and aid in damage repair. It not only maintains the firmness and structure or the skin but also effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Avocados also help in lightening of scar marks and age spots giving you radiant and glowing skin.

5. Best sunscreen

Butter fruit contains various anti-oxidants which help in protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays Thus reduces tanning and helps in treating sunburns as well.

6. Hydrates the skin

Avocados act as great moisturizers and thus hydrate the skin and control itchiness caused by too dry skin. It gives the skin an instant radiance and glow.

To put it in a nutshell, there are way too many benefits of avocados for hair and skin, making it one of the most liked ingredients in the beauty sector. The fruit is easily available, simple to work with and shows quick and effective results.


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